How To Keep Your Coffee Habit Healthy – Tamil Health Tips

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How To Keep Your Coffee Habit Healthy – Tamil Health Tips We start our day with a coffee and we feel refreshed the whole day. When guest come to our home / office we ask whether they would like to have a cup of coffee. Coffee exists for many centuries and coffee was invented by ethiopian cow boys. Goats which ate dry coffee leaves were active than normal and so started to add coffee in their food. Only through them coffee spread worldwide and coffee business is the second largest next to petrol. There are many varieties of coffee Besides these some tell that coffee is healthy and some tell it is unhealthy. In this video we are going to see whether coffee is healthy and how many times we can take coffee in a day. Coffee contains caffeine, potassium, magnesium, B complex and anti oxidants. Caffeine triggers our nervous system a chemical named adenosine in brain helps to keep our mind calm. Caffeine present in coffee keeps us fresh, produces hormones, protects brain, improves blood circulation. It is good for eye sight, gives solution to breathing problem and improves blood pressure . Drinking a cup of coffee is so much beneficial. Many of us are unaware about how many cups of coffee can be taken in a day. There is no harm in taking 250 ml of caffeine per day and the requirements may differ according to Age, health condition, growing situation and a cup of coffee contains 80 – 125 ml of caffeine. We cannot firmly tell the amount of coffee that can be taken by a person as the caffeine differs in each type. Let us see what are the benefits of taking coffee. Coffee helps to increase metabolism, intestinal functions and caffeine is added in pain killers. It is good for nervous problem, heart disease, Diabetes, liver problem and helps to reduce stress. If caffeine level exceeds the limit it creates health problem. The people addicted to coffee may face health problems Palpitations, restlessness, lack of sleep, Dizziness. Our daily requirement of potassium is 4-5mg. As we get this in our daily food Potassium level increases and creates problems when take more coffee. If the potassium in our blood increases it may create kidney problem. We can take coffee in the morning and you should not take coffee after or before meals. There should be minimum 1 hour gap after taking meals and some people take coffee before sleep. Drinking like this affects your sleep and don’t take coffee with tablet as it will decrease the power of the tablet. Eventhough there are benefits some people should avoid coffee children below 12 years. They get essential nutrients from milk, as caffeine is less in tea so you can take it. Especially it is better if people with ulcer, digestion problem, pregnant ladies avoid coffee. Diabetic patient avoid adding too much of sugar in coffee.


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