How To Find Good Prosecco (Sparkling Wine)? Explore Asolo! Treviso, Italy

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Okay, guys, I’m in Caerano San Marco, Italy. We’re in the fabulous
vineyards of Bele Casel. We’ve had a flight of aged Proseccos which is something I’ve
never experienced before. I’m looking off to the side because the Vigneron is standing
right next to me and I want to make sure that this is good. At any rate, Prosecco in Asolo
is a very important Prosecco. It’s DOCG. What we’ve learned today about the DOCG is that
the standards for high-quality Prosecco are paramount to this region. In fact so much
so that they’re inspected regularly and they’re expected also spontaneously. So sometimes
with surprise. And that is how this region is maintaining such a high level of quality
of Prosecco. I want you to remember when you are out shopping for Prosecco, if you don’t
see DOCG then it’s not the top-level Prosecco. And there are many Proseccos out there. There’s,
in fact, a proliferation of PRosecco because of its delightful disposition. The popularity
is immense. But you can have some of the very best Prosecco at very reasonable prices.
To explain it I like to say that we don’t want the same bubbles as Coke. We want a fine
bubble. Ciao, my name is Danilo Ferraro and together
with my son Luca and my daughter Paola I run a small family estate. 
We focus only on Asolo Prosecco Superiore Docg, the best Prosecco (if you allow me to
say so) thanks to its saltiness and its lingering aromas and taste on the palate.
Our vineyards are located only on the hills and quite steep hills I must say. Such steep
hills, located in Monfumo, are difficult to handle and to work but allow to produce some
incredible Prosecco that fully discloses itself during the tasting.
We at Bele Casel are focusing more and more on Monfumo hilly area, which can be considered
the cru of Asolo appellation. Here the grapes are able to convey flavors and aromas that
you can find only there. This is Glera grape, the main variety used
for the production of Asolo Prosecco Superiore Docg. This is the Glera leaf and this is what
will be a Glera grape. This one is still growing and will blossom soon. Harvest is crucial
since it has a great impact on the final quality of the product. In order to reach such great
results, you have to respect the grape both in the vineyards and in the cellar. We have
been farming organically for years now, and we work organically also in the cellar. 
Our first aim when producing our Asolo Prosecco is to have a highly drinkable wine which allows
you to enjoy even one extra glass, without having to worry about headache or stomach. And we’re in the fabulous vineyards of Bele
Casa. Did I get that right? Bele Casel. See that’s why I asked. We’re in the fabulous
vineyards of Bella Casa. Casel. Casel. Casella. .Casel. Casel. Bele Casel! Thank you so much
you are such a good sport. I really appreciate that. Thank you. I am uh I am not a good speaker.
Yes you are. You’re a great farmer! I prefer to be a great farmer than a great speaker.
Yes, so we have good wine. We need good wine and Prosecco.

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Hang in there until the end… I've got some fun bloopers in there. You can only imagine how many mistakes you make in a foreign country…. 🙃

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