How to Fill a Ranger Alcohol Ink Blender Pen #aiartcomm

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hi everybody this is Sharon AK Harris
and welcome to my studio. Today I’m gonna teach you how to fill a blending
pen because a lot of people don’t realize that when you buy these they’re
empty and one side has a pointy end and one has more of a wide brush end even
though it’s just a nub but anyway you take off the cover and you’ll see that
there is a piece right there this is the end you pull out so you just pull it out
little muscle then you use your blending solution Tim Holtz blending solution cover that now this is the trick you
only go to one two three and that’s enough if you put too much in it’ll leak
out the other side I know somebody filled this whole thing up and just
gushed out so this is why I’m showing this then you put this nut back in
there’s little slots on the side and you line up the little prongs it takes a
little muscle but what you load this up you’re good to go for quite a while
of course this one’s being stubborn okay I’m gonna bring it to myself a little
bit there we go it’s hard to do it when you’re kind of in this crazy angles now
just to prime it I give it just one more job you can even put it on your a drop
on your paper you know your craft sheet and just put – it just primes it but you
see nothing’s leaking out much just shake it a little bit get it in there so
what it is is the wicks long so it’s it’s loading up the wick and then it
comes down and then you’re ready to go so that’s all there is to using to
loading up your blending pen I can’t do without this blending pen it really
works great and I don’t use macas but you can use the blending pen as a marker
by tipping it in your dry palette and you can paint just make sure you wipe it
off all the time with the paper towel you just take it and this is how you
clean it and it until it comes out clear and then you’re clean if you put any
alcohol ink in here he becomes Amaka so you don’t want to — well maybe you do want
to make your own color and make a mock up but in this case you don’t want to do
that really. Okay so I hope that helps. you load up your ink blending pens and
start lifting ink till next time happy painting

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