How to Dry Hop a Beer (2019)

By Brian Lemay 5 comments

hello Youtube today I’m going to show
you a little bit on dry hopping this is also in addition to the steeping
grains video that I did which has the recipe pack which you can buy online and
it has everything for adding steeped grains to a beer kit and then also a
dry hop addition in the form of one of these seller supplies tea bags there are
different ways of adding dry additions to your beer now with dry
hopping it won’t impart any bitterness because the hops have to be boiled to do
that but it will impart flavor and aroma and the quantity used is entirely
dependent on you really and you can have a bit of an experiment with it with this
one I’m going to be adding 40 grams in the form of the teabags that I have
actually in here so with these celler supplies you pop
the teabags or tea bag whether you’ve got one or two or however many pop the
teabags in the jug cover with boiling water and then leave for 10 minutes now
that’s the method with those however some people prefer to just put the hop
pellets straight in to the brew or leaf hops depending on what you’re using just
so that they’re fully immersed in it and you’re getting the flavors from it however it’s up for a bit of debate as to whether that’s the best method putting
them in loose or putting them in a tea bag you can do either and either one is
fine and you’ll probably find which one you prefer over time as you dry
different beers with this method today I’m going to siphon the beer from the
primary vessel to the secondary vessel it’s finished fermenting I’ve taken a
hydrometer reading with the Tilt which is bopping around in there and it’s 1.010 and it has been for a few days so I’m fine to go ahead and
transfer it the reason why I’m adding the dry hops in this fermenter is so
that fermentation doesn’t interfere with the flavor of the hops adding the hops
three days a few days before the end of fermentation can limit the impact the
hops have on the beer because as it’s fermenting the flavor compounds and
aromas are taken away with the co2 and it’s lost most brewers do prefer to add
them in a secondary vessel so that the fermentation has stopped you pop the
hops in there for three to five days and it gets all the hop flavor and aroma in
there however you can do it in the primary vessel three to two days before
the end of the ferment that’s fine as well
again it’s personal preference but some do believe that you lose that flavor in
the primary vessel again though it’s entirely up to you it’s your brew I’ve got the auto
siphon here that I’m using to transfer the brew over just one pump and it’s
done that will now transfer then I’ll add the hops add the hops after ten
minutes in here they go a little mushy inside the tea bag there we go and you
also put that liquid in there as well straight in
so I just kind of don’t want them causing too much of a splash now
I’m going to leave that I’ll probably leave it for three days in this case lid
on I’ll pop an airlock in there off-camera after three days I’ll just go
ahead and bottle it the advantage with putting them in a tea bag as opposed to
putting them in loose is that they’re contained so if they were loose in there
when I came to bottle or transfer to a keg and just put a Muslin bag on the
end of my syphon or little bottler or whatever I was using to catch any hop
detritus as it were going through it’s not detrimental though if something does
go through then I’ll leave it in the bottle for probably about a month just
to mature at that point it will be lovely to drink and the longer it’s left
to mature the better it tastes so if you can give it two months to mature any beer kit the you know they do get better I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video
if you have like and subscribe to our Channel and see you next time you


Ozzy Brew

May 5, 2019, 9:39 pm Reply

Another informative video. Keep them coming.

steve hurst

Jun 6, 2019, 10:38 pm Reply

Good video buddy i was just wondering what was the abv on it

Jim’s Man Cave

Jun 6, 2019, 8:30 am Reply

getting back into brewing cant wait to see the result here, i noticed you left the lid off for quite some time isnt this a bad thing?

Jeff Grey

Sep 9, 2019, 3:52 am Reply

Super Dry???Hmmm. I’d keep that to myself!????


Dec 12, 2019, 8:10 pm Reply

Newbie here sorry. Could you tell me the reading you were taking off your Hygrometer that let you know you were done fermenting? (1.1%?)
EDIT Ah, it was specific gravity, sorry I just found it.

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