How to Drink Beer Without Getting Bloated (because bloating is not cute!)

By Brian Lemay 10 comments

I’m Master Cicerone Mirella Amato and this is my friend Matt. Matt has ten years experience in the restaurant and service
industry. But more importantly, I am also a lover of beer.
Aren’t we all? Yes, that’s why everyone’s here honey. So, in this youtube
series Matt and I are gonna be playing with foam. (Foam party!) In the next few videos we will be reviewing the gadgets that are in the corner here, each of which was designed
to improve the beer foam experience. Yes and I’m very curious to see how this
improves the beer foam experience because I’m getting a different “vibe”.
Well, if like Matt you’re interested to find out more about these gadgets make
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Right there. Subscribe. Do it. Get into it. Alright so, since we’re not talking about the gadgets just yet, what are we going to be focusing on today? Well, for
this video, Matt, I thought we’d do a little bit of science. Okay? Starting with
the basics: so, what can you tell me about foam, Matt. Oh, it’s foamy. It’s pretty. Ah, well not as pretty as you. Thank you. So let’s get back to the beer
here. You can see if you look into this beer that there are carbonation
bubbles escaping from the beer to create the foam but what you can’t see is that
the beer also has some hydrophobic compounds. Hey!…Did you just come for me? *Hydrophobic* that means that it doesn’t want to be in
the liquid. So these hydrophobic compounds come from the barley and the
hops and they latch onto those bubbles creating a membrane and they float up to
the surface and that’s how you get your foam. Yes, my little science geek, but how do we get the carbonation into the beer? Well, carbonation is a natural byproduct
of fermentation but most brewers will give the beer a bit of a top-up before
it leaves the brewery. Now, to illustrate how easy it is to carbonate a beverage
I’m gonna ask you, Matt, to demonstrate with the Soda Stream. My time to shine!
So, matt has this bottle of water, which is currently not carbonated. He is
threading it on to the machine to create a nice and on the back of the machine
there is a canister of carbon dioxide. So, to release that carbonation in to the
water I’m gonna ask you to just press that button right there alright. Nice! So,
you can see that carbonation has dissolved right into the water and I bet
you could put a little bit more in there if you wanted. Yeah? Okay, let’s do it. Ok. I think it’s done! Yes, so you’ve probably put about point-eight volume of carbonation in there. We’re talking about volumes of
carbonation: that’s the amount of carbonation in the liquid and it’s a
pretty straightforward measure. Let’s say this is one litre of water right here. Mm-hmm. So, if I take one litre of carbon dioxide
and dissolve it into that litre of water I will have one volume of carbon dioxide.
Ah, yes. And then if I take a second litre of carbon dioxide and dissolve it into that
same water… Let me guess: 2. Very good! So, most commercial beers that are
packaged have two to three volumes of carbon dioxide we say they’re
supersaturated. (Supersaturated!) And here’s an interesting thing about beer it likes
to hold on to that saturation hold on to that carbonation. If I pour the beer very
very gently, like this, not only am I not releasing the foam but I am trapping
those two to three volumes of co2 in the beer. It is supersaturated with this
carbonation. If you drink that beer you’re gonna drink all that carbonation
and you’re gonna feel bloated. And that is not cute. (Not cute!) Fortunately for us,
Matt has a trick to get the carbonation out of the beer. Yes, and let me show you
that trick from my back pocket. Okay, so working as a server sometimes when you
get busy and you’ve ordered drinks and they’re sitting on the bar you don’t get
to them quite quickly enough, so it sits and then it becomes this. It looks like
that. And you don’t want to drop that off to a table that doesn’t look nice. It
looks flat and boring. So, we’re gonna use chopsticks for this but you just want to
give a little bit of a stir and just like magic:
girl, you’ve got a freshly poured beer! I’m actually familiar with this trick
it’s something we also do in photo shoots when the beer has been sitting
around for too long and we want it to look good for the camera. Yes,
so we’re exposing all the secrets today. Now, if you want to get those two to
three volumes of co2 out of your beer one thing you can certainly do is use
chopsticks. Chopsticks method. Or, you can use one of these five fabulous products
that are designed specifically to give you the perfect foam. Absolutely! But
the most straightforward way to get those two to three volumes of
carbonation out of your beer and to burst it out into foam is by pouring it
properly and Matt, I think we’ve earned ourselves a beer today. I think we have;
we’ve worked very hard. Synchronized pours. Alright, perfect
pour…on point. Yass, I can’t wait to drink this. That makes two of us! Cheers. To find out
more about the perfect pour and other aspects of beer you can pick up a copy
of my book. And make sure to check out our next video when we start with our
product reviews. And we’re gonna start with this bad boy right here next time,
so make sure you check that out. See you then! Byeeeee!


Joseph Wilson

Oct 10, 2018, 8:07 pm Reply

"girl, you've got a freshly poured beer"

Vicki Fannon

Oct 10, 2018, 11:09 pm Reply

Great info

Crystal Luxmore

Oct 10, 2018, 3:32 pm Reply

Girrrl, your foam game is on point! Killer video. And educational too! You need a dance off at the end. ; )

Hops & Bros

Oct 10, 2018, 3:47 pm Reply

Damn that's bubble knowledge to another level! Good job for the series, looking forward to what's coming up!

Retired Hulk

Oct 10, 2018, 3:14 pm Reply

GREAT Halloween costumes guys!


Oct 10, 2018, 2:14 am Reply

But carbonation adds to mouth feel, which is much more important than visual stimulation, in my opinion. Flat beer is not good, and that is a cheap trick that might work on people who don't know beer. I thought a Cicerone would know better.

Matthew Davila

Oct 10, 2018, 6:55 am Reply

I'm stealing that chopstick secret haha keep these videos up!!!!!


Mar 3, 2019, 6:27 pm Reply

You're wrong. Beer bloating is not only cute, it's desirable, in every way.

Make America Great Again

Apr 4, 2019, 3:44 pm Reply

Nice shirt homo.

Leverne Palacious

Dec 12, 2019, 9:57 am Reply

Haha haha yall two are too much, I love it!

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