How to Do the Wine into an Upside-down Glass Party Trick

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How to Do the Wine into an Upside-down Glass
Party Trick. Bet your friends that you can make wine magically
go into an upside-down glass, and the next round will be on them. You will need A dish or shallow bowl A small
candle or tea light A one-quarter full glass of wine and a cherry (optional). Step 1. Light the candle and drip wax into the center
of the dish. Place the candle on the wax so that it sticks. You can get a cherry from the bartender and
light the stem instead of using a candle. Step 2. Pour the wine into the dish. Red wine is best so everyone can clearly see
the wine going into the glass. Step 3. Place the wine glass upside down directly
over the candle. Step 4. Watch in amazement as the wine is drawn into
the glass as the candle goes out, creating a vacuum. Step 5. Flip over the glass holding the dish on top,
remove the dish, and the wine is now fully in the glass. Bottoms up! Did you know Did you know? Treading grapes by foot is still the technique
used to produce a small quantity of high-quality port wines.

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