How to detect brettanomyces in a Wine sample ? The Invisible sentinel protocol by BioMerieux

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Hello everybody this is Julien Pastor and today I am with Eric from BioMerieux and we are going to talk about the Invisible Sentinel protocol. Let’s go ! So today I am with Eric from Biomerieux,
thank you Eric you will try to explain to me today how to test wine with
invisible sentinel method. so first what kind of bacteria what kind
of microorganisms we are looking for into the wine ? First of all, we want to detect Brettanomyces or Lactobacillus Pediococcus. So we developed two type of kits
to detect these strains and we developed a very simple protocol. What kind of
system do I need ? So the number of equipment is very low we just need three main equipments, Two are mandatory : the first is a centrifuge to prepare the sample, the second will be a thermocycler, to amplify the DNA from
the potential microorganisms and the third is optional it could be a reader to
help the reading. what’s about the protocol ? I heard that it’s only
4 hours for this test and the protocol is quite easy but I would like to see it
with you. First, we will start directly from the wine. So we’ll transfer the wine
in a centrifuge tube only 25mL after the centrifugation, for the “Brett”
we have an additional step which is a digestion step. After this digestion we will
transfer directly to tubes for starting the amplification of DNA and at the end
of the thermocycling step we will be able to start the reading. We will transfer one sample from the micro tube to a cassette which will help to reveal
the presence or absence of the microorganism like a pregnancy test ? like a
pregnancy test, as simple as a pregnancy test, With this kind of result, it’s
a positive or negative right ? We have two levels of analysis you can have a qualitative analysis if we observe a line it means that there is a
contamination. We can have a semi-quantitative analysis with an intensity of the line. We can read it visually but we can use an additional
reader, automatic reader, which will give a level of contamination. So the winemaker can react depending on the level of
contamination. So it sounds very good, I will definitely buy it even if I have to buy
a winery first. Thank you very much for your explanation Eric, I hope this video has been useful for you, if you have any questions for
Eric or for myself please leave your comment below in this video Thank you
very much, Bye.

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Très intéressant ! Merci beaucoup !

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