How to Cook Red Wine Beef Stew

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I’m Vanjo Merano from let’s cook beef stew. I have prepared a special beef stew dish for today. I call this red wine beef stew here are the ingredients for our recipe this cut is called beef chuck red wine bacon, chopped pearl onion, small type of onion carrot, sliced thyme onion, chopped garlic we also need salt, ground black pepper, tomato paste and beef broth here’s a complete list of ingredients with measurements. Take a screenshot from your phone and take it when you go to the supermarket or groceries are you ready? I’m ready! so let’s start! pre heat cooking pot and add chopped bacon cook bacon until bacon fat is extracted then add onion. Chopped yellow onion, but you may use any color you chop like this but you may chop it finely cook this onion and bacon using the bacon fat for 20-25 sec. add garlic this is garlic is crushed then chopped finely or minced garlic continue cooking for 30 sec. add beef here it goes. Beef cut into cubes this cut is called beef chuck or paypay cook until outer part is light brown add tomato paste you may notice the bacon adhered on the pot. Don’t worry we’ll deglaze those once we add the red wine here goes the tomato paste mix and make sure it’s well distributed next is the red wine you’ll notice some of the bacon adhered on the pot. That’s normal if you’re not using a non stick pan once we add red wine, the adhered bacon will deglaze and will blend with the other ingredients what’s good about the glazed bacon is it makes the dish more flavorful mix add beef broth, beef stock will also do you may also use water but I suggest you add 1pc. of beef cube to make the dish flavorful let the mixture simmer once simmering, add carrot carrot is sliced thinly and diagonally mix we have a special ingredient for our red wine beef stew this is the thyme this makes our dish aromatic and flavorful add everything including the stem so we can extract more of it we’ll remove that before serving cook the beef for 2-2.5 hours in low heat. Until it’s tender once tender, let’s add the other ingredients by the way, in the process of tenderization. If you see the sauce is drying out, don’t hesitate to add water here goes the pearl onion or small onion this is different from the onion we stir fried earlier. The pearl onion will give more onion flavor to our dish. I removed the thyme stem by the way we’re now ready to season our beef stew mix seasoning is very simple add salt it’s up to you how much you want to add. I suggest have a taste so you can know how much you need to add same with the ground black pepper you may also use crush black pepper if you prefer a saucy beef stew, this is done but for me, I want the sauce to reduce to half please take note, the red wine will not make you drunk. It already evaporated once simmered on fire but the flavor remains our beef stew is ready transfer to a serving bowl and serve here’s our Red Wine Beef Stew come, let’s eat here’s our Red Wine Beef Stew it’s so appetizing. But before we try it, let me sit before we try it, I want to ask where are you watching this video right now? we have a lot of friends all over the world watching our video. I want to thank all of you. Our Filipino friends there in Middle East, our very hard working OFW friends over there. Kuddos for you guys we have a lot here in North America especially in California, Illinois and other states and Canada I just want to know. Because here in Panlasang Pinoy, it’s not just about me and my recipes. It’s about our community let’s now try our beef stew for those who haven’t tried this, no need to worry about the red wine like what I’ve mentioned earlier, the alcohol evaporates as we cook but the flavor remains so you don’t need to worry. You will not get drunk mmm~ mmm~ that’s it that’s what I like in beef stew the beef is tender and flavorful we really need the red wine for this if we added red wine and tomato base ingredient, let say the tomato paste the combination has a great flavor I enjoy eating. The pearl onion added a good flavor mmm~ wow! awesome let’s try more what else can we eat with this? Of course with rice, we can also top this on mashed potato if you just want to try but pairing this with rice would be awesome some pair this with bread usually the baget not bagets (youngsters), ok? Baget you also spread this on a soda cracker like sky flakes. That would also be great! this recipe is really great, you should give this a try if you enjoyed this recipe, please like our video please subscribe to our Panlasang Pinoy youtube channel if you haven’t subscribe yet please don’t forget to visit where this all started, all our recipes is available at our food blog if want to search for something to cook. Today or tomorrow? Even if run out of recipes please don’t hesitate to visit our website thank you very much for watching see you on our next video if you have feedback, suggestion or questions please post your comments, ok? Till then!


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Jun 6, 2019, 2:46 am Reply

I made this stew today. It was delicious but I added some flour to thicken the gravy plus small Dutch potatoes in place of the pearl onions. I also cooked it for an extra hour because I like super tender beef chunks. Next time, I'll add more wine since the extra cooking time depleted the effects of the 1 1/2 cups of wine added before cooking. All in all, a nice stew recipe.

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