How does alcohol affect your heart?

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(upbeat music) – Alcohol is an
interesting topic for many, because I think most people
enjoy it to some degree. I’d say moderation and not excess. So alcohol is not bad
necessarily in all states. I think if you have one glass of wine or one ounce of alcohol
a day for most people that is an okay thing to do. If you have conditions
like atrial fibrillation which again anything
that dehydrates your body or increases state of stress, blood pressure changes or adrenaline can cause you to go in atrial fibrillation or other arrhythmias. So in those cases alcohol is something you just have to be a little
bit more cautious with. If you’re going to drink alcohol, then make sure you stay hydrated, because what happens with alcohol, it inhibits ADH which
is a molecule allows you to self-regulate fluid balance, so when it inhibits that,
you end up peeing more. So not only is alcohol, sometimes a direct trigger of arrhythmias, but in fact decreases or
increases your state of hydration and causes more dehydration so drinking water is the
only real way to combat that.

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