How Dangerous is it to SMOKE Your Alcohol?

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there’s a new way to do your drinking
’cause if you’re putting in a cop and pouring it down your throat you were
old-school they are inhaling it and they are smokin it now the newest thing and is putting your
alcoholic choice you poured into a bottle you court the bottle and then a bicycle
pump needle is pulled through the top of the cork there is pumped into the bottle
which beta rises the alcohol and then he smoke it this gets you heidi you get were drunk on when everyone to
call it and uh… you don’t get any the calories of course because all kinds of
crazy health problems to your liver and your lungs and
everything else but uh… people are on the bandwagon of this sort of cheap effective calorie was waiting as with all-new saying so were
experimenting with i’m a little other people experiment with it for atleast
ten years before surgery and the idea of not being teller is of
course it’s going to everybody and most especially the uh… fat america’s likewise okay uh… but on the other hand is always a price to pay so you know that’s the way make sure it’s a
little hearing to goes over there so there’s no calories they’re gonna find out in a year and a
half that your lungs explode in the middle of
the night got and so i’d be careful about inhaling this so
some of the effects uh… you know so you do get drunk much quicker but some
of the effects of smoking you’re alcohol you’re a much greater risk of getting
alcohol poisoning alcohol poisoning potentially overdosing uh… and that interestingly you would
be putting too much you can do about it because it’s your body’s we’re getting
all the bad stuff out uh… refuse smokey you’re not getting the best about
because you know your body is not going to have their reaction that he should
have from alcohol so that we do so the so that stumps in your body and
that’s bad right now but i love it and you but you don’t probably don’t feel
sick greasy well because the alcohol is gonna
circumvent your stomach in your liver but it’s not going to go through the
process lesson if recognizes is that a lot of waiting
here but it’s interesting because people who were and we live in this fitness
obsess deciding so as i thought i can get drunk without
them the calories that is appealing to a lot of people
respond on that it’s already over that many started telling the story for uh… hysteria knew this everywhere yeah i hope it’s a edguez locators well you
know about human beings they will find any in every way begin high viet trong
tuyen pause when people synod will was a crazy is
that they would do is certainly did i don’t know anyway that’s all to meet
you can see all anything you any all that sort of is it in a snippet
is uh… our call that hey but stalled until after eight and so i’d in locating kiddingly dismissed
over drinking et cetera because you don’t you don’t get a sense of it yeah i denied amount over drinker so i
wouldn’t do it but for people who have that tennessee
could be pretty dangerous right and we just don’t know that backs of having
them which i’ll call in your system some times like usa nationally should be
expelled from your system but isn’t but isn’t that can do some serious damage
and is also socio-economic reasons that this is going to hurt poor people
because if you can get drunk real quick you know for two boxes that i have a
drink a whole bottle of wine or drink uh… a six pack a ritual ac
well then you’re probably going to do it so then poorer people are doing
something that’s left less help the they don’t have health insurance i mean is it
it’s an endless cycle night saying what you know the big for exactly fit precisely there’s a wind up
looking like

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