Hot Alcoholic Drink | Warm Up with the HOT TODDY

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– Are you looking for a quick
and easy, comforting cocktail? Well, let me introduce
you to the hot toddy. If you like your cocktails, then go ahead and subscribe and hit that notification bell, (ding) because I like my cocktails too. (upbeat clapping music) Welcome to The Spicy Apron Cooking Show. My name is Heather, and
I am here to show you the easiest way to get the
best result in your kitchen, and that includes cocktails. I’ve been doin’ it 25 years,
so I know a thing or two, and a trick or two. Let’s get on to the hot toddy. Maybe you have a little scratchy throat, or maybe you just want
a nice, warm cocktail. This is a quick and easy
cocktail for you to put together. You probably already have
all the ingredients at home. All you need is a really
cute, fancy glass. No, you actually don’t need this. You need one cup of hot water. Just boil it in your
microwave or on the stove. (upbeat clapping music) Once you have your piping
hot water in there, we’re gonna add a couple of ingredients, and stay tuned, ’cause I’ll
tell you my secret ingredient to take this hot toddy up another level. First, the classic honey. You definitely want a couple
of teaspoons of honey. You’re just gonna pour that
right into your hot water. I have heard that a lotta
people like to add tea to their hot toddy, and I’m
curious, do you guys do that? Go ahead and put a comment below, “Yes, I add tea.” “No, I don’t add tea.” This version does not have tea in it. You can get the full recipe
at, which is my food blog. All right, after you have your honey, then you’re going to add
one teaspoon of lemon juice. This is fresh lemon juice. It really does make it pop,
but if you have the kind that you put in a little,
plastic container in your fridge, that’ll work just fine, too. Look at that. It really looks cool. You can see that real, fresh
lemon floatin’ around in there. All right, now the good stuff. You, who are my loyal viewers, know that I always spill the alcohol. Let’s see if I can do it
today without spilling. This is just one shot of whiskey. (upbeat clapping music) Oh, look at that. That one’s perfect. I did it. Okay, give this a good stir. I’m always talkin’ about the smells. You can smell it. That lemon. Mm. Or whiskey. That’s the best part. Here are a couple of things. First of all, you can
drink this just like this. It’s going to be fabulous,
but here’s what I like to do to kick it up a notch. I take a little pinch of
cinnamon, fresh ground cinnamon, swirl that on top. Not only does it add
a little bit of taste, but it also gives you
that wonderful aroma. Once you’ve got the cinnamon on top, don’t forget your garnish. You always want to make it look pretty. Go ahead and lay that right on top, and there you have it guys. Super easy, warm, comforting,
winter time cocktail. The hot toddy. Ah! This almost makes you wanna get a cold so you have an excuse to drink it. Now you know how to make a hot toddy, and if you’re looking
for more hot cocktails, pully check out my Irish coffee. It’s amazing. Go ahead and subscribe, and
that way you will get notified when I come out with a video every week. Thank you for tuning in to
The Spicy Apron Cooking Show. Happy drinking. (happy clapping music)

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