Hong Kong market insights | Food and beverage

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Hong Kong is Australia’s largest export market
for fish, seafood, fruit and nuts in terms of value. Hong Kong consumers like good quality,
beautiful colour and the right size of fresh fruits; Australian food and beverage products
are perceived as premium, high quality and safe. So why export to the Hong Kong and Macau markets?
• Hong Kong has a population of 7.1 million and more than 48 million visitors every year
with GDP of over A$280 billion; therefore there is a very strong demand for food and
beverage products. • Over 500,000 tonnes of seafood were consumed
in Hong Kong every year which averages out to over 70kg of seafood per person in a year.
• Hong Kong remains an important trading hub where buyers from overseas would come
to source food and beverage products. • The expansion of the casino and hospitality
sector in Macau has created a very high demand for safe, natural, organic food and beverage
products. Hong Kong and Macau are both open markets
to all suppliers in the world. Australian companies can work with Hong Kong and Macau
partners to build the businesses. Quick turnaround time within 48 hours is a key success. Austrade can provide customised market research,
such as market size and growth, distribution channels, import duties and regulations. We
also offer business facilitation services with potential agents and distributors in
Hong Kong and Macau working closely with importers, retailers, trade and government organisations
for various activities. If you want to export your products and services to Hong Kong and
Macau, Austrade is here to help you.

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