Home Made Red wine Recipe | वाईन बनवा घरच्या घरी पुर्ण कृतीसह

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I’ve spent a few days doing the same wine that they’ve been looking for I have also tried to make a sparkling wine ahead of one stage Manual gyuser I used 20 kg grapes Two kg of sugar 20 g cinnamon and ten gram Clove 150 gm Dry yeast One kg of wheat Firmation water grade vessel cum A quadrangle made by me in a domestic way I guess it will take 21 to 22 days to complete all this process The grapes need to be opened It is necessary to move all the open grape juices out of the manual jews I have taken this juicer only seven USD using online All grape juice is removed in this way Make the maximum use of hot water for bacteria free operation Pesticides on the grapefruit should not be mixed in any way If all this process is inappropriate, then your wine will not be properly constructed and weasted By this method, you have removed the full server side The grape variety is Banglore Purple locally purchesed We are keeping juice in that vessel We are trying all this to make 18 liter of wine There is a possibility of making dark wines without seeds and grape cover The dark shade that are coming from the cover throwing will not come Dry East has been activated When it grows up in size , it has happened to understand it is ok to put Now we’re going to put sugar in it Alcohol level and test we are using weat in juice No metal should be contacted when carrying out all this process Sweet starch is made from wheat You’re putting off the active dry yeast Co2 gas will be made when sugar is converted into alcohol airlock need to be fertile in our fermentation process The second day The gas has started to become operational Wheat movements say that the wine you pour will be 100% While coming bubbles from the airlocked We are looking at the firmantation level every day today, this is the sixth day of today The total processing is very slow Juice is still heating up Starch is different from juice It has been almost twenty days and we will take it out of wine within a couple of days There is a very dark purple color We have made such color checkout in the light of the mobile In the refined picture, the elements not digested properly, so that we are moving this kind of move And while doing this one to two liters of water, but we’ve mixed it in it A little hot water is mixed in it to see if the slowing process increases slightly If there is no need to look at the procedure, there is no need for it, but do not know that the process will create a 100% result This process is done twice for the digested component to mix well Normal warmed water and a little bit of sugar along with it is on the day of immersion And after processing this, we need to completely remove the mice from the wine separation in two to three days We’re taking this mixture on twenty-three days All these bottles are washed with hot water And if you put a little sugar in it and keep it aside for one and a half months it will be called sparkling wine. We now see bubbles and its incoming smiles To make a small effort to make sparkling wine, we will throw as many sugar as possible to him. If the pressure is not tolerable, there is a possibility of a bottle fission This whju we are listening to is the oxygen machine in my fish tank In such a situation, we have sipped all the seeds in one side and have started the process of filling the bottle In this all you have used bottles of old ones It is necessary to move the sugar which was used to clean the spark with two fingers In such a way, it is necessary to put all the mixture in the fridge to stop the process of fermentation If you have not had the digested wine in the refrigerator just because you have not tried digestive active bacteria There is a possibility of getting stomach upset in the same way

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