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Good morning guys. It’s Adam Cooper here from My Halifax. For this weeks My Halifax, we’ve come to an
event which I think is super cool. Especially since it’s so early in the morning. We’re coming to the HFX Beverage Expo which
is basically an event which is a celebration of non-alcoholic beverages so coffees, teas,
kombucha, all stuff that you drink that are healthy, tasty, and I don’t know about you
but it’s early in the morning so I need some coffee! I’ll see you in there. So we’ve just come into the event room and
it’s smells delicious in here. You can really smell the tea and coffee and
this is a really good layout. There’s a lot of cool tea houses that I really
want to go and check out, so let’s go! This smells delicious! So we just got back from checking out the
World Tea House. We always make a bit of a bee line for them
because they’re one of our favourite tea houses. We made a video for them in the past and also
when it is Christmas and we go to the Parade of Lights downtown, that’s where we go and
get our hot chocolates from. It’s kind of a little bit sentimental and
feels like Christmas whenever I’m there. One thing I love about them is they always
have the tea leaves out in little glass cups which you can smell and get a feel for what
the tea is going to taste like. It’s almost like going to a wine tasting but
for tea. Which I think is really cool. Gina got the raisin…no not raisin…the
raspberry and pomegranate tea. I keep calling it raisin but it’s not. It’s raspberry. I’m not sure if raisin and pomegranate would
work….I’m not that much of a tea expert but if you’ve tried raisin tea, let me know
I guess. This is a really cool event because it’s actually
pretty easy to get into. It’s like $5 or $7 to get in which is really
affordable. It’s right in the Dal Student Union. I just like events where it’s local and you
can get a group of people to come in and especially when it’s all local businesses cause right
now you could come here try some wicked tea and then find a new tea house which could
become your local tea house. It’s just a great way to support local and
that’s what My Halifax is all about it’s about supporting local. So we’re just taking a little bit of a break
from the rest of the expo while I talk about the stuff we’ve bought. This is Tea North. We have four flavours here and they were sampling
two. One was like a green tea flavour and one was
kind of like a fruit loops flavour which is name is escaping me right now. I will zoom in and show you the names of each
of the flavours. This is carbonated iced tea. It’s all brewed here locally you can get them
in Pete’s and Sobeys. These guys are so cool they gave us lots of
information and so far with each of the vendors we’re speaking to, it’s really cool and impressive
to see how much they know about their products and it’s just like next level knowledge which
you don’t get if you go into big box tea store where you just walk in and you order. These guys are talking about palettes and
flavours and elevating their products so well and it’s really cool to see that level of
skill and sophistication when it’s such a cool local company. The two that we tasted were delicious and
I can’t wait to try the other two. So the next place we went and hit up was Sense
and SensibiliTea which I think is an amazing name for one. They had a range of different teas and they
all seemed to be kind of English and Old English based teas. The one we bought was called Great Fire of
London and this tea actually brought back some memories of my childhood because there’s
an old 1900 style museum in England in Wolverhampton called The Black Country Museum and it has
stuff that was made in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. This tea tastes like the tea they served there
except this actually tastes a little better. It’s got this sense of ash in it which is
I guess where the burning part from the Fire of London comes in. It was delicious. The guys at Sense and SensibiliTea they know
so much about tea and they blend all their flavours and it’s all made and it’s just another
great way to go and support local. I highly recommend you go and check those
guys out. Then we went to Cortado and they do coffee
brews. We got such good information from there and it just totally blew my mind on coffee. If you’re a really big coffee drinker, I highly
recommend you go and check them out. They’re located in Bedford. They have this whole way of I think he referred
it as third wave coffee and you know how sometimes you’ll drink wine and you’ll get different
notes through and different berries in the different blends and same with craft beer. That’s what they’re starting to do with coffee. He had a coffee called Burundi and it was
probably the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. I drink my coffee black anyway, Gina doesn’t,
she usually likes milk and sugar in hers and even she drank it and said it’s such a good
coffee and there’s different layers and flavours that she could drink it black. They have a really cool set up like they do
seminars on how to make coffee and how to brew coffee and the espresso bars and it’s
just really cool to see and to have coffee done in such a way because for me coffee has
always been cup of joe here you go. It’s literally blowing my mind on how such
a high level you can get in terms of coffee and you should definitely check those guys
out. So the final thing we bought was some kombucha
which I’ve never had before. It was delicious and it’s really really healthy. The lady selling it was telling us that a
lot of times people make it really vinegary and really strong cause they want it to be
healthy but their approach with their brand is to make it palatable for everybody and
you still get the same health benefits. It’s really cool the different varieties of
products you’ve seen here form like green teas to regular teas to really elevated coffee
to kombucha it’s been such a good event for people who want to experiment and meet some
local businesses and support local. This has been such a good event. So that’s the end of this week’s My Halifax. Once again we came to the HFX Beverage Expo
which was such a good event. It was super local, it was downtown at the
Dal Student Union and there were such good products back there and everyone was super
friendly and it was a lot of fun. Just getting to try so many different products
and have people be so passionate is something that is really the core behind this and why
we do My Halifax is we can show you guys all the amazing stuff you can do in Halifax regularly
all the time and not have to leave the city at all because this place is literally amazing. So thank you for watching. If there’s anywhere you think we should make
a video please let us know in the comments below or if you yourself would like to be
featured please just reach out to us. It’s totally free, we just like showing the
best of Halifax and we know there’s some of you guys out there that would definitely be
the best of Halifax. So once again thank you for watching. Don’t forget to to like, comment, share our
video and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll see you next week! Then we went to Cordado….Cortado…..sorry,
no. Then we went to Cortado..


Helano Miguel

Apr 4, 2018, 1:08 am Reply

Really nice video, i think would be nice if you could make a video about alexander keiths brewery

Nader Nadernejad

Apr 4, 2018, 4:03 pm Reply

This is awesome! I'd love to make videos with you guys. The student union building is literally 10 seconds from my apartment.

Josh the Travel Guy

Apr 4, 2018, 5:00 pm Reply

I was going to go see this, but then I realized that I didn't drink coffee or tea :p. Did they have any hot chocolate?

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