Happy Holidays from Maximum Beverage

By Brian Lemay No comments

Twas the week before Christmas and what did
she fear? But an empty liquor cabinet and a shortage
of beer. To Maximum Beverage she cried as she strode
down the stair. With a list in hand, small budget to spare. As she walked through their doors she was
greeted with glee. And amazed she was by all she did see. Rows upon rows of wines were in sight. And a knowledgeable staff to help her choose
right. As she walked through the store there were
case stacks on the floor, displaying low prices and great sales galore! On Grey Goose, on Dewars, on Tito’s and more…on
Champagnes and Sparkling and wines by the score. The display of cigars and cheese was carefully
done. And adding those to her gift baskets she knew
would be fun. When she left the store and drove out of sight,
wanting to tell all her friends how Maximum Beverage made it right. Happy Holidays everybody!

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