Gus Johnson Gives Out Homemade Beer at SXSW

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I’m here at South by Southwest,
some stupid career conference. I spent a lot of time
making this homemade beer, I don’t really have
a lot going on right now so I kind of just rolled
all the dice on this one. I’m seeing if we can get a
sponsorship to sell this puppy. Okay, you guys are right here. I don’t know where
I’m at right now, but we’re gonna hit here
on the trade floor, looks like a good spot to get. Hook around to the right,
this is where wanna go. Ladies, money. What else flows
with ladies and money? Beer, come one! Come one! Hey do you guys want some beer? I can just pour it into
your cupped hands, that’s fine. Do you wanna pour it in here?
Here you go. It’s 20% though so go easy, you’re gonna
wanna chase with this. Excuse me sir, would you like
to wash down that sandwich with some homemade beer? No thank you. It’s an IPA,
meaning I produced it! Okay. Thank you for your service. Hey, do you ladies
what some beer? No, thank you. I’m not that sweaty, come on!
Take a little swig. Hey, you’re of age right?
What age? I don’t care bro, it’s free.
Here you go, want a swig? Just say when, say when!
I’m sorry. Want a little swig? Yeah sure. You want a swig?
Yes. Just a little starter here. 1-10, what do you think? I’m looking to try to get
in contact with somebody from Bud Light,
do you have anyone in your phone I could talk to?
Just anyone’s fine. Beer? Look under B.
Budweiser, that’s B. You’re just Googling beer? There is nothing on the beer. Nothing on the beer? No. Excuse me. Sorry, shit, sorry! Heads up! I got it, I got it! I’m okay, I’m fine. I thought you were trying to get
on the elevator. I’m fine, sorry about that.
Bunch of jerks. I should’ve brought
another shirt. I gotta rehydrate. Babe, I said I’m home at six.
I said I’m coming home at six. Yeah, bye! This is some bullshit. Does anyone know
where the trade floor is? You wanna get in
the ground floor people, this is important stuff. See? Can’t even tell the difference. Hey, it’s cool gold access. No, I got gold access.
No it’s cool, it’s home brewed. Thanks for keeping us safe okay?
Guys like you dude. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just let me get in the room! I had to go through a lot of
Lunchables pizza snacks to get the yeast for this! Real quick, two seconds! You can go in, that’s just fine. Why did he go in?
No, that’s fine. I get you. Okay, okay, I’m cool! I’m fine,
I’m fine. I’ll give you ten swigs on me, if you just let me in there
for ten minutes. Just take one swig! It’s fine! We’re fine.
It’s okay I’ve got clearance. I’ve got gold pass.
Gotta hydrate. Hops are coming back up
to get me. Ah, shit. Just give me a minute. More like Suck by
Suck-west. Get a tight on me here? Back up plan, okay?
Never give up. Never- Fucking armature hour here. You’re not supposed to be
drinking out here in public like that. What are you gonna do
about that? I just explained it to you. Officer slacking! No more sips. No more sips?
No more sips. No more sips?
No more sips. One more sip, one more sip! I just told you not to do that.
You gotta give it to me, Wait a minute,
wait a minute, wait a minute- No I need you to give it
to me right now. Can I say one thing?
Can I say one thing? What’s that? Hey! Stop! Stop! I don’t need corporate pressure,
I’ll do it myself. Take the message
to the streets! Thanks Karen, I told
about the table. I don’t know why I’m the only
one that needs to work, Karen. Fine.
South by Southwest, I’ll let the networking
come to me! Come to me! Sir, you want a top off?
Take a swig? Five bucks.
Five dollars tops, come one! I’m working! You’re working? What does it
look like I’m doing? Fortune 500, you want one? Let’s do it. Do you know anyone from Bud
Light I could talk to? Not really. Alright, come on,
get in there guy. That’s five bucks though,
I’ll have you know. I got a couple bucks. You got a couple? Yeah, that’s good enough right? I’ll take it.
Fair enough. Hey! That dog looks
awful thirsty. Give a little swig here?
He’s looking at me. You want some here? You want me to pay,
or you pay me? Why would I pay you? You know how much
this cost to make? We’ll do coach Carter style. Coach Carter style? Get into the jet stream,
go ahead, go, it’s getting
all over my Ked’s. Don’t get it on my Kirkland’s! Your mom’s here?
She can have one too! She’s looking
a little light there. It’s only five bucks! What am I doing?
I’m selling beer. Selling beer for what? For money, duh! Get into the jet stream?
Dollar a swig. You’re spilling it! I’m not asking you to pay for
it, mind your own business! You want a little swig here? You can just get in there.
That’s pretty good. Things are really
falling apart, man. It’s not looking too good guys.
I’m running low on carbs, guys. Hey! Could someone
please buy some … Just give me a minute,
just give me a minute. It’s so frothy. It’s tasting kind of

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