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*gagging and barfing noises* WASSUP YOUTUBE! Today we are going to try some more weird sodas let me introduce you to the flavors (What’s with the megaphone?) sweet corn soda! pickle juice soda Carrot cake soda! The Grass soda! The Ranch dressing soda! HA HA HA HA! Last but not least, we’ve got Green Apple Jalapeño Soda! WHOOO! ALRIGHT! roll some cinematics up in here. [music plays] Alright so, let’s start with the least nastiest flavor. and I believe that would be the sweet corn, cause corn isn’t that gross. And then we will end up with the most nastiest flavor. Which I believe is the ranch soda… So, Let’s do sweet corn real quick!! AHHHHHH!!! Look at that! So you can see it, a little fizzy, a little bit bubbly, a little bit bubbly, a little bit corny, Here we go! Oh Man. What do you call someone, really tiny, and likes soda? (pause for dramatic effect) Minnesota! (…) Wasn’t that corny? HE HE HE HE HE HE Alright, anyways lets try this sweet corn real quick! *gagging noises* uh uh *groan* Definitely did not expect that, at all. That was really gross. I thought it was gonna be like corn. Taste like butter and corn. That threw me off so good. So I’m gonna have to give this, lil’ sweet corn soda, A 2 out of 10. WOW! That was so gross! Who would enjoy these sodas? And enjoy it? Comment down below name someone who will. The second least nastiest Soda I believe is the carrot cake soda Comment down below if you like carrot cake I didn’t like until later in my life until I tried it. It tasted okay. So here we go! This goes out to you! Ugh I just want to give a shoutout to all the bunnies out there who likes carrots. Are you my bunny? [um, no?] *slighty pervy stare* Shoutout….? *lips smack intensefully* This one I can do a lot better than this one. This one is very bad. I should have done this very last. Here’s a life hack, you can do with your friends for a prank or whatever. If you’re at your friend’s house and they have like you know bottled soda All you got to do is smack it on the very top Its gonna keep fizzing and your friend has no other choice that to drink it. See look WOOOOOOOOOOOWWW OH NO! And then it’s gonna be like “OH I GOTTA DRINK IT OH MY GOSH!” “OH I GOT TO DRINK IT OMG OMG OMG” Uh UH Try it on your friends I swear! It’s funny. Alright next up, we have the pickle juice soda. I hate pickles, I hate pickle juice, I hate anything pickely I like cucumbers though. Did you know pickles are just cucumbers except its pickled. *GASP* [MIND BLOWN] Here we go! This goes to you non-pickle lovers—out there Pickle juice soda. Oh that’s not bad. It actually tastes like pickle juice. HAHAHAHAHA It’s so fun! It’s so addicting to do! So, uh, oh yeah I didn’t rate this; I give the carrot cake soda 3 out of 10. A pickle juice soda a 4 out of 10. So it’s gradually going up the scale up of the rating system. Green apple jalepeno soda, that looks… that looks alright?! So, here we go? wow, check that out! Smell it? sniff Do-Does it smell spicy? Does it smell spicy? Give this video a thumbs up if it smells spicy.*Laughs* Alright here we go! mm-mm bleh I give this one aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh a 2 out of 10. Cause it tasted like Play-Doh. When you smell Play-Doh you get that, Play-Doh smell. Imagine that on your tastebuds okay? That’s how it tastes. *laughs loudly* IT’S SO FUN I DONT KNOW WHY BUT IT’S SO FUN. Alright, so we got two more left. We got the grass soda, and we got the ranch soda Comment down below, which one should I do first. Camera man:grass soda If you commented and you said grass soda, YOU’RE RIGHT! I am going to do that one next. So let’s open this grass soda Here I’ll let you guys smell it first, take a big sniff. *sniffing* Does it smell like grass? Does it smell like a lawnmower has mowed the grass? Wow Alright, this goes out to all the cows out there who like grass in order for them to make some milk in their udders HA HA Here we go! That tastes good! WOW! That, low key tastes really good! WOOW! I can understand why cows love grass now. This is good! Wow! If it was bad I was gonna make fun of it and go like this, put my finger above the G and the R [I thought this was a child- friendly channel….] And that’s what I think it tastes like, but… you know.. It’s good! It’s good grass soda. WOOOW!! That tastes GOOD! I give that one a 5 out of 10. It’s good. It tastes great. Here we go, the moment you guys have all been waiting for. Ranch Dressing Soda. here we go! I forgot to do that last round! OH NO WHAT THE!? Why is this one doing it?! Alright well here we go. Uhh lemme show you guys something Before I do this drink test, I’m just gonna have fun with this. Guava Juice mentally questioning everything he has ever believed to be true Alright nothing happened. This goes out to you ranch lovers out there. If you really love ranch—Drink this soda. *vomiting noises* (Eww!) That was so gross! It tasted like–here here here, believe me or not. Put a kiddie pool filled with kids Have them pee—have them poop. Let it sit there for like a whole year, and then put ranch in it. That’s what it tastes like. GROSS! It tastes WEIRD! Wow! Alright, anyways I hope you guys enjoyed today’s weird soda taste test or whatever. If you want another soda taste test. Let’s get this video to 9 comments. *Laughs* I don’t think I can do a lot more so comment down below just cause. Can we get this video to 1 million comments! Who knows? Who knows? Okay ill see you guys later stay juicy -outro-


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he did not even rate the ranch soda

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i bet the grass soda tastes like green apple

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3:54 I tasted play-doh before so I no wut u tasted

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My dad made me drink ranch dressing soda

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