Green Tea Side Effects and Who Must Avoid It – Tamil Health Tips

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Green Tea Side Effects and Who Must Avoid It – Tamil Health Tips Now-a-days Green tea consuming population is more than Coffee, tea consuming population. In many researches it has been proved that green tea is healthy. People who want to lose weight take green tea everyday without fail. The foods we take gives both benefits as well as problems when over consumed. Especially green tea creates health problem when consumed it more than 1- 2 cups a day. Do you drink more Green tea? Then this video is for you. Drinking green tea hinders iron absorption of the body. If you are anaemic you should surely avoid green tea. You can get rid of iron deficiency due to green tea by adding lemon juice with it. Eventhough green tea is healthy it contains more caffeine. If you drink more green tea it will create tension. People drink green tea in empty stomach thinking they can get all the nutrients. Never do this as it create toxins in kidney, liver etc., so avoid taking green tea in empty stomach. The components in green tea hinders the calcium retention in our body. If we take more green tea in a day, calcium will be flushed out through urine. It may lead to osteoporosis by creating calcium deficiency. That is why it is advised to take 2 cups of green tea a day. Pregnant ladies and Lactating mothers should avoid taking Green tea. It may cause abortion in pregnant ladies. The child’s health will be affected due to the caffeine present in case of lactating mothers. We should be careful in selecting green tea of best quality. Preservatives, chemicals, food colours are added in green tea available in the market. This creates health problems by adding unwanted chemicals in our body and reduces the value of green tea. Don’t take green tea if you are under medication. It hinders the working of medicines as well as affects our kidney. If you drink green tea it will cause diarrhoea and reduces the count White platelets in blood. It also causes bleeding. If you regularly taking medicines it is better to avoid green tea.


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