Green Flash Saison Diego – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

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I am your host Peter Moeller and today we have another new brew into the state of Connecticut.
This is a brewery called Green Flash from San Diego, California. This is called their
Saison Diego. Very clever. It’s obviously a saison-style farmhouse unfiltered beer and
we’re gonna give it a check out. Nice and light probably for the summer so probably
perfect timing. I do believe it’s 4 and half percent alcohol. It’s a nice slight golden
color with a slight haze considering it’s unfiltered. Probably a nice, it’s gonna be
a nice, slightly lacy head. It looks like the carbonation is a little big. Let’s give
it a check out. Orange-y, orange peels, I’m getting a light sweetness. Let’s give it a
sip. Nice citrus, slight lemon. The orange peels coming through. A very nice spice on
the tongue and I do believe there’s a little bit of ginger in here and you can kind of
get the ginger tingle. It’s all on the front of your tongue, very half-way forward. Slightly
sweet too. Beautifully refreshing. A little zesty if you will. This is wonderful. I’m
gonna enjoy this one. I say check this out. It’s not that expensive, it’s a 22 ounce bottle.
It’s only a 4 and a half percent alcohol but it’s a saison, what do you want? Check this
out at Fairgrounds Wine and spirits. Danbury, CT. We’ll see you later. Peace out!}

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