Grape Wine in 5 days / 5 ദിവസം കൊണ്ട് കിടിലൻ മുന്തിരി വൈൻ / Instant Wine

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Hi friends. Namaskaram Today’s let’s do a Christmas recipe it’s a Christmas wine Christmas reminds us of cakes and wines Today’s wine can be prepared instantly I have already posted a rice wine recipe last year previous to that I have uploaded a banana wine those wines were done in 21 days this instant grape wine can be done in 5 days this can be done for birthdays, weddings, etc., without much hassle try this instant wine recipe this is the 6th day I will strain this wine now now let’s see how instant grape wine is made for wine making, I used black grapes Wash grapes in several turns of water soak grapes for 1 hour in water after 1 hour remove water. wipe grapes and make it dry I have used black grapes for wine making I have used 1 kg grapes here sugar I have used 3/4 kg sugar you can use up to 1 kg sugar add sugar according to your preference to give a nice flavor and taste, I have used spices here cinnamon – 2 small pieces cloves – 3-4 cardamom – 2 also, we are using yeast will stir yeast to a glass, add 1 tsp yeast I have used active dried yeast here add 1 tbsp of sugar add 1/2 cup warm water mix well care should be taken not to add hot boiling water add warm water itself if you add hot boiling water, yeast won’t rise Close the glass using a lid allow it to rise we will boil grapes in water I have used 3 litres of water add grapes add spices allow it to boil when water is hot, add sugar stir well water has come to a boil reduce the flame to low. Stir well cook for 5 minutes. While cooking mash grapes with spoon some grapes will get mashed faster one I am using has got a thick peel, so going to cook for some more time mashing grapes with a spoon Mashing helps to yield good color and flavor for grape wine as this is an instant wine, we are cooking grapes for traditional homemade wine, we won’t cook grapes for traditional wine, we will stir all the ingredients and allow it to sit for 21 days I will post the traditional homemade grape wine recipe soon This was an highly requested recipe this wine can be prepared on short notice for birthdays, parties, etc. mash the grapes as shown grapes are all mashed up switch off the stove. Allow it to cool down. you can see grapes are all mashed up you can see bright red color when ingredients are cold, pour it into the jar I am using a glass jar here. If you have bharani use it Use a clean glass jar or bharani wine making jar should be clean and dry Don’t use pickling jars or preservative jars, which have been used previously for pickling Use a tall glass jar fill only 3/4 of jar if you fill wine to the brim, wine will rise and shoot up. Be careful to use tall jar and fill only 3/4th of the jar. will add yeast after addition of yeast, stir well try to use a wooden or steel spoon for stirring wine Please use the spoon for stirring wine only don’t use spoon, which was previously used for cooking or serving curry close the jar with a lid after closing the jar, tie a cloth set wine jar aside next day, open the jar, stir grape wine using a spoon after stirring, close the lid, tie with a cloth Next day, repeat the same process open the jar, stir, close the jar, tie with a cloth Repeat the process of stirring once in a day for 5 days Repeat the process of stirring once in a day for 5 days This is 6th day. Let’s open the jar and strain pass the contents through a sieve you can use cloth also for straining don’t squeeze the grapes again. This step is very very important Discard transfer grape wine to bottles the bottle should be clean and dry please make sure the bottle is dried after washing fill only 3/4 of the bottle don’t fill wine to the brim grape wine will rise. So please leave space for rising. This also avoids wine from shooting up. as this is an instant grape wine. don’t keep for long. If you want to keep it for long, please refrigerate Instant grape wine is ready Try this grape wine in 5 days for Christmas This is apt for serving at parties if you like this video, please share with your friends Will see you with a new recipe. Thanks


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