[GO Manager] Découvrez le profil de Maud, Food & Beverage Manager au Club Med

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Maud, F&B Manager Hello Alexis. Hello Maud. What’s your job as a manager? The goal of a manager is to make sure that the Food and Beverage service provided in the entire hotel, wherever that might be, is on point and respects the procedures and standards so the the clientele is satisfied. A little bit of hospitality, I check on my staff to make sure the clients are welcomed properly. Let’s do a tour of the room to check that everything is all right and we’ll have a look at the buffets. This restaurant is quite big. We have 768 seats plus three big terraces so on average 3600 diners, which is a lot thus it a quite a different management style which is why we have larger teams. On a day to day level it’s mostly customer experience monitoring. 9 times out of 10 the client feels at home at Club Med. They will take on habits and always sit in the same room, as a result, we personalise the experience as we know what this person is expecting. Do you have to adapt to fit what you are offering? We have “La Table” our main offer. We have a specific concept for kids: “bread and co” and we also created the gourmet lounge concept so that we have an alternative option to the buffet that you find at the Table and and a dinner menu that offers dishes by the plate often made with regional produce and co-signed by famous chefs, which is closer to traditional restaurants. I started working at the Club 3 years ago and because of my previous training with Paul Bocuse, I rose in the ranks fairly quickly. I got promoted in the summer season, I am now an F&B manager. We manage teams of 150 or even 200 people on the bigger villages. You manage managers, chefs, restaurant supervisors, it’s a challenging job. You need experience, skills and honesty. Once you start working with the teams, that you show them that you are with them all the way and that you do your job well, you earn respect regardless of age or cultural background. We have 7 or 8 nationalities in the hotel. The aim is to create unity and team spirit. The F&B position is quite mobile and offers jobs abroad in Asia, Europe and Africa. The Club always choses idyllic locations. How important are languages in your job? You’re fluent in English, is that a requirement in your job? I would imagine it to be. Indeed, in the winter in the mountains, more than 70% of our clientele is international and beyond that, we have international teams that we manage every day, so the manager needs to be able to communicate with their international teams. Club Med to me has always been about the human experience, so the manager, whether male or female, 25 or 50 will be respected if they know their job and believes in the values and the benevolence and kindness we all share at Club Med, and that we are international and in all those things that make us all go forwards together and reach our goals.

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