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Hi!!Namaskar!!Hope you all are doing good.I’m also fine Hope all of you have watched my last video. I’ve got so many positive feedback from my subscribers Thanks to them That was a long video So,today I came with a short video Summer has started. People love to have juices and cool drinks during this season So,today I’m going to make a Ginger Sweet Lime Soda I used to have this always when I go to a restaurant If you drink this juice after having a heavy meal,it makes you feel so good Don’t forget to try and send your feedback Please do like n share Let’s see how to make ginger sweet lime soda Depends on the sourness you prefer,decide the number of lemon This is small sized lemon and has very less juice only So,I’ll take 2 lemons Sqeeze the lemon into a jar. 1 or 1 1/2 lemon will be enogh Normally,people makes this juice in the glass itself But,I always make this in a mixer.It gives a special taste to the juice Add some crushed ginger If you want,you can add 2 mint leves now Add enough sugar I’ve added 2 1/2 tbs sugar.If you want you can add more/less sugar In hotels,they add sugar syrup instead of sugar. In my “kulukki sarbathu” video,I’ve explained how to make sugar syrup. If you make sugar syrup and store it in the fridge,you can make these refreshing juices quickly In this recipe I’ve added sugar only Sugar melts quickly when you use a mixer If you are not making the juice in a mixie,sugar syrup will be the better option But for this method,I recommend sugar Add a pinch of salt,which gives a special taste Take half the glass of water,in which you are going to serve the juice Later,we will add soda to fill the glass Add 2 cubes of ice Finally add 1/2 glass of water Now,mix it well and pour into the glass after straining I’ve mixed it well,but the lemon I used wasn’t that sour So,I’m sqeezing 1 more lemon into the juice Check the taste and make adjustments if needed Don’t add more ginger,otherwise the juice won’t taste good Now,strain the juice into a bowl.So that the ginger pieces can be taken out from the juice Pour the juice into the serving glass Now its almost 3/4 of the glass because of the ice cubes we’ve added If you don’t have soda at home,then add 1 glass of water instead of 1/2 glass of water Add soda to the juice Place 2 mint leaves on the top for garnishing Let me taste this now It tastes really good So adjust the amount of sugar and lemon juice based on your taste preferences Even ginger is also optional for a sweet lime soda You can add mint leaves in the mixie also Adjust the flavors accordingly You can make sugar syrup and store it in the fridge Its something special when you blend the whole using a mixie If you don’t want soda,add more water and decide the amount of lemon and sugar Taste preferences varies from person to person.So be careful while adding sugar and lemon juice Ginger sweet lime soda is ready now All of you try this recipe See you all with a new recipe. Thank you


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Chechi Fresh lemon juice undaki kattamo please

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Super adipoli

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supr… supr… 👍👍


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Your cooking is very well


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can we exclude soda

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chechi super

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l love you……veenachechii

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Thank you Veena, my mom used to make this but without soda..very delicious.

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Very very very superrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Athu ethaa soda ennu parayaamo

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Chechi we can avoid ice

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I will try this

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Undaaki , ithu superaa tooo

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Can we exclude soda

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Chechi club soda use cheyyan pattumo

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sugar ന് പകരം full salt ചേർത്ത് ഉണ്ടാക്കാമോ?

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Veena chechii… presentation adipoli aayittund… superb recipe …njan kandappol thanne try cheythu it tastes great thank yooo chechii🎆

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chechi cakes okke onn try cheyyu chechi cheythale enikk perfect aavu

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Ginger Sweet lime soda🍹

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A super refreshing drink


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ഞാനും ഉണ്ടാക്കി ginger lime😋😋😋😋😋👍👍👍👍👍

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