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Guys, ginger is a superfood, an ingredient which keeps you refreshed as well is super healthy, And making squash out of ginger
is super easy, It is super tasty And especially it is very beneficial in summers, For ginger squash, we will require, peeled ginger, We will add this to a blender, We will add some turmeric powder to it, You may even add fresh turmeric to it Next, we will add some water to it, Enough to make a paste out of it, We will now grind this, Brilliant! As you may see, we have
made a complete paste from it, We will next take a pan, In goes some ginger paste Next, we will add a lot of water to it, In goes, some sugar, You may also add some
honey to it, as per your preference, because ginger and honey makes
for a great combination, If you may like you can add some jaggery to it as well, And some honey, Because ginger is very sharp, and we need to add sweetness to it, We will now boil this, This is a squash that will refresh you, will improve your digestion, And will also increase your immunity, as ginger is quite helpful when you have a bad throat or cough, This has become quite thick All the juice or effect of ginger
has now come to this water, And now we will strain the mixture, Make sure when you strain this,
you are using a fine sieve, This thick syrup can be stored easily for a
month and half, without going bad There, look at this! The syrup is ready, So our ginger base is ready, If you may like you can add this
to cocktails and mocktails, If you add some soda water to it, it will
be like drinking a homemade ginger ale, This has now become cool! Perfect! For making the drink, we will take some
mint leaves and will gently crush it, This will release its flavour and
cooling effect, very lightly Making this drink is quite simple, All we need to do is, take some of this muddled mint and add it to the glass, Next, we will add some ice, this ice is for summer Just in case you are drinking it during the winter season, you can warm it a little and drink it, In goes our concentrated ginger juice, We will add some lemon juice to it,
as per your own taste, And to top it some water, Awesome, very refreshing! And, our beautiful ginger squash
or homemade ginger ale, Done!


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Ginger squash heals the throat problems also

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Very nice recipe chef

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Jyoti’s corner

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Giinger drink wow very healthy
I think honey ko garam nahi kiya jata as Ayurveda
Drink cool hone per honey milaya ja sakta hai
I like this drink

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Super healthy 🍹🍹

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Wow nice drink in winter thank you

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Never add honey in heating it's all nutrients die

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Else anyone you know conducting in South Mumbai ,
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Thank you

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Quite an underrated recipe this!

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It's good in my home we used to make it for nausea and vomitting in early morning
And who are telling that don't use honey it's not ayurvedic food it's squash just sir showing how its been made in home and honey acts as a preservative also great sir

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Healthy drink
Thanks for the recipe ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Very refreshing drink with medicinal value

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Can this be given to a 11month baby

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awaiting recipe thank u chef, plz make a video on kitchenware and cookwares if possible


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Sep 9, 2019, 5:09 am Reply

Hi i have read or seen somewhere that honey shld be used at end of any recipe n should not be used during cooking process as it take away the essential nutrients from the honey, in this recipe we used honey in cooking process, can u please explain wat is the right process of using honey???

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Definitely I'll try,,,,,,it's looking very refreshing …. thanks to share this recipe

Yasmeen Alam

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Chef, please make some yummy fish recipes,,,,, please please please

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Ginger ale squash💐💐
Healthy Drinks 💐💐💐
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How about adding some black better to it?

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Can kids drink it too

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Shahad kbhi garam NH krte h ….shahad ..koi b recipe thandaa hone k baad milaeye …..go for chyawanprash or draksha avaleh recipes….as said in shastras …..sir

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