Genie & Ralph | Truth or Drink | Couples | Cut

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I’m Gina Gaston we’re actually married. Really? I’m Ralph Gaston we’ve Been Married for 36 Years almost 37. Shh. They go first I’ll ask you a question okay Oookay You can ask me the question Okay. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done sexually with an ex? Craziest thing I’ve ever done sexually with an ex? (yeah yeah) That’s okay it won’t hurt me. It’s kind of hard when Take a shot Ralph. No, he doesn’t need to answer the question. It’s kind of hard because I never had sex with anyone other than her. Oooh Isn’t it lying or what? What three words would you use to describe our sex life? I think we need to reshuffle this Answer the question or take a shot. Oh Goodness I can’t answer the question. Give me a shot. When’s our Anniversary April 8th. year 1978 okay how about that Guys Year? 1978 (okay) How about that guys? Take a Lesson from Ralph. When was the last ti- *laughs* Why am I getting the weird stuff? When was the last time you masturbated and where was I? WHAT? Okay I need a shot. We Need to reshuffle this question. This is just ridiculous. You know what I mean Here you go It’s gotta be reshuffled now. Questions Oh you’ll love this one Okay Name two celebrities you’d want to have sex with if we were not together. Okay. Angelina Jolie… Whoo my favorite. Yay! And The second one Halle Berry Oh Halle Berry yeah. Gold What was on your mind the last time we were having sex? Again? Oh my god. Why am I getting all the sex questions? Okay I get a shot. If I was put in a coma, how long would you wait for me? What? As long as it takes. Wait longer cause it’s a big insurance money. Jesus When did you first realize you loved me? When we got married Oh So you did not love me until the day we got married. Wow! So, when was the last time you faked an orgasm and why? It’s kind of hard to remember. Cause that was a long time ago And the reason I did is because I was so tired I just want to get it over with. Really? Yeah. What’s your least favorite sex position and why? Least favorite? It’d have to be Missionary Yeah that’s kind of boring. Yeah Serves its purpose though. Yeah. They all do. I am feeling drunk. To be honest with you I had too much vodka. VODKA Vodka Did you guys learn anything about each other? I learned some things but I think I pretty much know Ralph. So I know her. Yeah we weren’t always alone. I love you I love you too babe. You you are… Ride Sorry Bob WHAT? VODKA Vodka

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