FU Awesome Reviews Glenmorangie Signet Single Malt Whisky

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everyone thanks for tuning in to another
episode of FU Awesome Alcohol Reviews I’m Ajax and I’m stump today we’re
going to be looking into the Glenmorangie Signet Single Malt Whisky and i’m sorry if i
mispronounce that that sounds like a pretty fancy alcohol yes it is it has a
very fancy box that comes with this one oh no I love this thing I mean like even
if you didn’t taste the booze at all look at this thing it was in a hard wood
box magnetically sealed there’s all the weird details that go
along with the booze inside where you can like us Highland stone bubble blob
water blah blah blah barley barley and
American Widow and followed by a series of other cool description that’s pretty
cool except for the blah blah blah sorry I sort changed but it takes time and
dedication create great masterpiece lit Mirage a signet
are rather small whiskey is the fruit of nearly two centuries of craft and
patience Hey well wrote that good job to you yeah
yeah that’s a man that’s some nice something you scared shoulder right
there yeah alright established in 1843 and 33 don’t tell this is right how much
would a bottle of this gonna cost normally I think it’s around $200 Glenmorangie Signet Single Malt Whisky so
we’re gonna review $80 right next thing you want to give us a poor oh yeah so
here’s a bottle looks pretty fancy and I really enjoyed the topper here you know
whenever you make that oh yeah and there’s some weight of that gonna do
this thing yeah everything about this Scotch is serious
everything about it is intense I love every every moment
is it it feels like this is metal yeah metal or really someone’s and it is it
is definitely my turkey if I trick this in our office window did we definitely
go through it yeah so so far I like it all right all right so let’s give it
this melted smells good else yeah smells like little smoky yeah yeah light
ambience to it very enjoyable definitely not a punch in the face
scotch or bourbon so I’m digging it so far I’m just gonna sip on this you will
embrace the flavor but it is expensive so I’m just gonna slam it
ah yes I love hummus Qashqai super smooth delicious yeah it’s a very smooth
normally when I take like shots of hard alcohol that usually makes me cough or
whatever reason and that’s partly because I’m a Sally anything I think off
at all not even good job for you hey Bob you know Sally yeah one-time
incident Ajax is not a cell that’s right when it comes to skin yeah I don’t know cheering – just Cheers
well I like you in ya know quite joyful yeah I think so
thank you to a party i I don’t know Soho maybe I might take this to a party
if I’m uh for like a big big celebration order like someone’s birthday that I
love or like a Christmas like a 30-year year anniversary right like it’s gonna
be a special occasion person close party yeah
yeah I wouldn’t I wouldn’t just like Friday’s event at the wall yeah or just
like sit at home and you’re trying to play video games with this no that’s a
different type of bourbon yeah it’s it’s definitely a higher quality much much
much smoother than what I’m used to would you take this to a party hmm I
probably would but again yeah close that close friends join our time together you
looked at me me he said that yeah I like him that’s game you know yeah I would
definitely take it to a party with close friends or relatives and if it was for
some type of celebratory piece now we have the Super Bowl coming up in a
couple weeks right not for that you know that’s more of a buying bulk experience
and this is more like I appreciate your company sit down and enjoy something
that is expensive for most expensive remaining and and appreciate it for what
it is absolutely so the big question is is it worth killing your bugs yeah that
is a it’s another question I think that’s depending on the audience I think
some people here like noise for a bottle of booze and any quality yeah why you
can buy 20 bottles of booze ya know and I was at a rest
my youth and it happened on there by accident you thought it was some other
place and we sat down and they had booze on hand it was from the Napoleon air it
was $250 an ounce no I being super broke as a college
student were zero of that but people I had to kept company with bid or taking
and it basically smell like booze and it didn’t necessarily offer to me anything
from a smell sensation just a little dip of it and didn’t necessarily offer
anything that was out of the ordinary so me $250 an ounce it’s super expensive
and it makes sense and even for this I appreciate it for what it is and I
think I’m happy a habit no absolutely like bus yeah but is it worth $200 I’d
say from my perspective it is now that’s because I can enjoy it with other people
who enjoy scotch you know with it what it is and you embrace it with that fact
only now if I brought it to just a random party when I was 20 no there’s no
no value in that at all because my perspective wouldn’t
and like $200 Glenmorangie Signet Single Malt Whisky back then I would never even know bad them don’t binding them
because we can go over to the house I know I saw although technology now is
still any much nothing at them too so so yes to me I think the $200 Glenmorangie Signet Single Malt Whisky is worth it
or the perspective provides so uh something absolutely thumbs up great job
well thanks for tuning in to another episode of Fu Awesome and don’t forget
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get in the bag it was absolutely

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