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What’s going down everybody, welcome back
to FairgroundsTV, I’m your host Peter Moeller. Today we have something out of Grand Rapids,
Michigan. Founder’s Mango Magnifico, it is a malt beverage? Fermented with mango and
habenero peppers. I’ve been dying to try this one, it just sounds like one of those cool,
off-the-wall things, a little lighter than I thought it would be, but it’s a nice, it’s
a golden, golden-orange color. Nice carbonation, fairly medium to large carbonation on the
glass. Not much head to be spoken of. Let’s give it a sniff. *sniffs* I’m getting the
sweetness of the mangoes. *sniffs* And maybe, I feel like I’m getting a slight spice. Let’s
give it a sip. *sips* Oh. Alright, this is, this is one of those cool beers. I’m getting
the coolness of the beer and the mango sweetness on my tongue, and all the way in the back
of my throat the heat hit. And actually gave me a little bit of a goosebump, because I
wasn’t ready for it. Like I felt it floating in my mouth and when I swallowed, hit me all
the way in the back of the throat. This is actually pretty cool. I could definitely share
half of this with somebody. I’m not sure I could get through the entire bottle. Alright,
that sip was a little… oop no there it is again, in the way back of my throat. It’s
also 10% alcohol if I didn’t mention it. Definitely, very cool beer. Very limited supply. I don’t
even think we have that much left. I think we have two bottles left, and I tried to get
to this last week and it didn’t happen, but definitely something cool. Check it out, Founder’s
Mango Magnifico, 10% alcohol, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and PEACE.

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Sep 9, 2013, 6:34 pm Reply

I loved it, very interesting. I was lucky to get two bottles

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