Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Wine & Milk Chocolate

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Let’s talk about wine pairing and milk chocolate.
Milk chocolate is delicious. It’s very light, sometimes very rich, it will melt in your
mouth and it’s usually very very sweet. All of those things can be a little bit of a tough
match for wine. So milk chocolate has some very very strict rules when it comes to food
and wine pairing. First of all if we want to pair milk chocolate with a red wine it’s
going to have to be one of the lightest, fruitiest wines around. An Argentine Malbec or a California
Merlot are about the only ones that would work. So stick to some very light red wines.
Milk chocolate’s best match is a slightly sweet Rose, or red wine. We’re talking maybe
an Italian Briquet De Qui, maybe a sparkling Australian Shiraz, or maybe a slightly sweet
rose. These wines will be absolutely perfect with milk chocolate, because the sweetness
in the chocolate will make the sweetness in the wine go away a little bit, and the will
form a nice refreshing match. So milk chocolate is very very tricky, but if you’re going to
try to pair it with wine, pair it with a very light red, or a slightly sweet red. Then you’ll
get a good match.

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