Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Red Wines & Spicy Food

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Let’s talk about pairing wine with spicy food,
specifically red wines. If we’re going to pair red wine with spicy food, you’re probably
talking about a nice, rich dish made with pork or maybe with beef. Maybe a blackened
beef tenderloin, or maybe a chicken molet or a cumin crusted pork roast, or maybe a
curry with beef. The best red wine pairings for these dishes are red wines with spice
in them, some sort of a spicy flavor to them, in themselves. You also might want to stick
with a wine that’s got low tannin so that we don’t have a salt and tannin clash. So,
among the best red wines to pair with spicy foods, are the spicy red wines, like Zinfandel,
especially one from California or from Lodine. Maybe a Malbec from Argentina. Maybe a Merlot
from just about any place in the world, or one of the best bets for a spicy match, which
is Shiraz. Some of the best Shirazes come from Australia, and they can be very, very
spicy indeed. If you can’t find an Australian Shiraz, look for a Syrah from France or California.
It’s actually the same grape, and it’ll have just the same amount of spice as Shiraz. So
the main rule for pairing red wine with spicy food is keep it rich and heavy, and find a
spicy red wine.

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