Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Red Wine with Meat

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Let’s talk about the wine pairing rule, that
I’m sure you’ve heard, which is red wine with meat. It’s a really good rule, I’ve got to
tell you. There’s a reason that red wine with meat is repeated all the time. The reason
is, that it works. Here’s why it works. Red meat, red meat is heavy. It’s fatty. It’s
got lots of protein, and I hate to tell you this, but the flavors are, well they’re just
meaty, so if we’re talking about a heavy food with lots of fat and protein and meaty flavors,
the main rule that we want to watch out for there, is to pair it up with a heavy wine.
Red wines are generally the heaviest wines in the wine world, which is why it’s a good
little cliffnote to say red wine with red meat, but what we’re really looking for, is
a texture match, so heavy wine with heavy food. Most red wines are heavy. Any Cabernet
Sauvignon, any Merlot, even any Pinot Noir, will be a nice, heavy wine to go well with
meat, but if you’ve got to have a white wine, what we’re looking for is a heavy wine. Hiley
Oaks Chardonnay, Vionay, even certain Sauvignon Blancs from around the world, might be heavy
enough to go with your red meat. The red meat will probably have a little bit more intense
flavor than your white wine, so you just have to keep in mind, that the flavor of the meat,
may overpower the flavor of the wine. If you want to keep it safe though, red wine with
meat is not a bad rule to abide by, and now you know why. Heavy texture, meaty flavors,
lots going on. It’s kind of big and rich meats, big and rich, and that live happily ever after.

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