Food & Beverage Manager – Try it for 5

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Not a problem Jill, I’ll get them out to you asap.
You’re welcome. Bye There’s lot’s to do in
my job but that’s what I like about being a food
and beverage manager. There’s no routine.
Every day is different. It’s a real team effort in this industry,
total interaction with customers and staff. I’m responsible for a number of staff
– some full-time, mostly casual. Hi Steve, how are you going? Yeah, good. Do you want to
talk about the function today? Yeah for sure. Everything’s alright for
the cocktail function on Wednesday night? Ah yeah, Wednesday night, it’s cool.
That’s 120. Yes. I prepare the weekly
rosters but when it’s busy I provide hands-on support
wherever I’m needed. In some of the larger hotels my job is
more management and administration, but being a smaller hotel I also
attend to customers’ needs. OK I’ll ask Sarah to do that for you
because she’s our reservationist. The work is busy. One
minute I can be organising staff, the next organising
a major function. The hospitality service industry is
the largest business in the world. You’ll always have plenty of work and
it’s great if you want to travel. Sales seminar – 150 guests. We need to organise
staff, job briefs, catering for the kitchen. Two coffee stations you will need to set
up because of the number of people. We have to be focused and well organised, and
able to handle a number of things at once. Hi Bec, how are
you this morning? The room looks good. Got your
conference sheets there. Fantastic. Meeting, 2.00 pm today. I need the figures
– balance sheet, function reports. I did an apprenticeship in hospitality
which was including waitressing. I like to employ people with
qualifications or offer traineeships to those
studying hospitality courses. They understand the job and they really
want to work in the service industry. Ongoing training is an
integral part of my position, from showing how to mix a drink, set a table,
or to abide by the food-safe regulations. It’s my commitment to guaranteeing
a high level of customer service. People generally don’t
respect hospitality as a career but a casual
position or a fill-in job Nothing could be further
from the truth. To be successful in food and
beverage management you must enjoy working with people and
have good communication skills. It’s an essential part
of customer service. With these two qualities and the
necessary training you could find yourself running your own business
or managing a five-star hotel.

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