FM Wine Guide Episode 43: Stump Jump Red

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Hi I’m Jean I’m your FM Wine Guide and
Shiraz is my great pick for the season so mmm the stump jump red is
an evocative bold fruit-forward blend of Grenache Shiraz and Mouvedre the classic
rhone 3 but here done in the McLaren Vale Australia but there’s a lot more
blending and harmonizing here than just three grapes as one of the original if
not the original and the largest biodynamic farmers in Australia the
d’Arenberg winery run by the Osborne family for five generations about a
hundred years worth biodynamic farming is a philosophy of holism that the
grounds and the water and the plants and the stars and the moon are all connected
in sort of an ecosystem of creating quality products so they pay attention
to all the nuances of their environment in order to make choices when farming
and that kind of goes to the name of the brand the stump jump when they were
originally clearing the land for these vineyards there was certainly some
efforts taken into paying attention to the natural environment and wanting to
maintain some of the the original plants there and eucalyptus trees are actually
a very important part of Australian viticulture you can actually smell some
of that eucalyptus aromatic in really good Australian Shiraz’s in the right
balance and when they were originally ploughing the vineyard fields these
gnarly roots made it very difficult so they had to invent a plough to sort of
jump over the roots and not harm the tree
and hence the name the stump jump and for $11 a bottle I think this is pretty
delicious so giddyup stump jump GSM red blend

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