Floating wine bottle planter | Floating wine bottle holder

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Hi guys. Welcome to my channel in this
video I’ll be showing you how I made this wooden stand along with this
floating glass planter using a recycled wine bottle. I will leave a link below in
the description for the tools used in this project. Begin by soaking your
bottles overnight in a bucket of water the following day scrape the labels off
using a utility knife and if there’s still any glue residue left you can use
Goo Gone. Using a marker I drew the size of the cut I wanted on the bottle. In this
case it was 6 inches by 4 inches. I then placed some tape on the lines.
Before cutting or sanding glass be sure to wear some sort of protection for your
nose, ears and eyes.To cut the glass I will be using a Wen rotary tool with a
flex shaft fitted with a diamond cutting bit. The flex shaft gets a bit warm so I
used an oven mitt. Place the bottle under a running tap as the water helps to
lubricate the cutting disc gently apply pressure downward until the shank in the
cutting disc rests on the tape slowly move the tool forward to cut the glass.
In real time it took 90 seconds to cut this side. Cut along the remaining lines
until the glass drops out. I next attached a diamond drill bit to sand the edges
remember to keep the bit lubricated by placing it under the water. I sanded the
edges until they are smooth to the touch. I placed some paper in the bottle before
applying two coats of primer. I next followed this up with two coats of
purple spray paint ,leaving some areas unpainted. Next came two coats of orange spray
paint then two coats of yellow spray paint.
I then added some more purple to give it a bit of a pop. I inserted a piece of
pipe into the bottle so that I would be able to turn it. I poured on some dish washing liquid all
around it in different directions and before it had time to run off I sprayed
it with black spray paint. I let the black paint dry for about 45
seconds before I rinsed out the liquid soap. This was my first attempt at this
painting technique and I was quite pleased with the results. To protect the
paint finish I sprayed two coats of an acrylic gloss spray For the wooden stand
I cut a four inch length from a one by twelve length of white pine then sanded
the surfaces. I routed all edges using a quarter inch
round over bit. Using a miter saw I made a 45-degree cut
on the bottom of the stand resizing the length of the stand to ten and a half
inches.I next place a cente mark two and a half inches from the top. I clamped
the stand to the drill press with the 45 degree angle facing upward .I attached a
one and a half inch Forstner bit to the drill press and set the table to a 37
degree angle not intentionally as at the time I did not have anything to measure
the angle but it did not seem to affect the stand being able to balance at the
end of it all .I sanded the wooden stand before applying three coats of
polyurethane making sure to sand between each coat. I filled the planter
with potting soil and then added the plants and there it is a completed
recycled glass planter that appears to float .If you guys enjoy the video
remember to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to the channel. Take
care and bye for now.


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