Fizzy Drinks Are Good For Us?

By Brian Lemay 1 comment

and this one is lemon and ginger lemon
ginger. So how is this help my gut? well the point is it is increasing
variety and it’s also pleasurable because it has all of the
characteristics of refreshment it’s fizzy so one of the great tricks of
sodas is they call them in America is that a soda or fizzy drink whether it’s
Irn Bru or any other fizzy soft drinks they they actually intrinsically please
you partially because you’re hardwired to feel that fizzy drinks are good for
you because ancestrally fermented drinks are fizzy. isn’t that clever it’s not that
clever it was actually it wasn’t done you know that the first sodas and so on
weren’t made as this from there’s a way of expressing ancestral wisdom they
would just happen to be following on from what we’re heritage of making
sparkling drinks that were naturally sparkling rather than being industrially
contrived, yeah kombucha is like the new coconut water yeah I’m not a huge
fan that was nice but what qualities does this have and why is it good for our gut?
well the best kombucha is homemade because it has the activity of the
bacteria and living and dynamically developing in the bottle and the problem
with commercially made kombucha is that it’s usually sweeter to give people a no
more Moorish appreciation for it whereas most kombuchas are intrinsically usually
sour slightly sour because most you know we our palates have gone over to the
sweet side we’ve gone over the dark side whereas our ancestors had sour much sour
sense in their balance and so kombucha these days has become
yet another drink that is joining the soft leverages the sweet soft beverages
and in America for instance they have a big run-in with the authorities because
it does it is mildly alcoholic I mean it along here anything up to 1.1% it can
be but they have to control it and on the basis of the weights and measures
and all the sort of things about luckily licences about so what happens is is
that as soon as you go into a commercial production you’re losing the bacterial
energy and you’re also losing the deep flavors that you get from home brews
whether it’s constantly changing because as soon as you go into big scale
production people want uniformity am I going to buy a lemon and ginger
kombucha it’s got to taste the same every single time drinks water kefir is that
if you get a let them get too lively and don’t burp them breathe them whatever
needs doing they will baby it is they will explode unlike a baby at the end of
the day what we’re looking at here is some foods and drinks I’m absolutely
clear about this some foods and drinks do not suit themselves to mass
production yeah

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