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hi my name is Jonathan boring and welcome to the California wine clubs video on how to quickly chill a bottle of white wine. If you’re anything like me you’re always running out of chilled white wine and who has the time to wait an hour while the wine chills in the freezer? Here’s five tips on how to quickly chill your white wine. Tip 1 – the frozen grape method. Keep a bag of frozen grapes in your freezer. When you’re in need, pop 4 or 5 of the frozen grapes and put them in your wine glass. They will cool your wine without watering it down. The second tip – the damp towel trick. If you simply put a bottle of wine in your freezer it’ll take at least an hour for the bottle to be the correct serving temperature. Speed things up by wrapping your bottle of wine with a damp paper towel or washcloth before sticking it in the freezer the water from the towel freezes quickly and will chill your white wine in 20 to 30 minutes. Tip 3 the salt bath trick. Add a cup of salt to a gallon of water first dissolve the salt in the water second fill an ice bucket with ice and put your bottle of wine in. Your wine will be chilled in 6 to 10 minutes. How does this work you ask? When ice meets salt it melts so quickly at first it uses its own thermal energy to turn it into water but that water chills down much much colder to around 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Tip four – the decant and chill method. Smaller amounts of liquid chill faster so if you’re in a jam pour your wine into individual wine glasses first then place those in the fridge or freezer just make sure to keep them on a level surface so you don’t end up with a chilled mess on your hands and finally tip 5 simply fill your wine glass full of ice and pour your wine directly over it this is not the recommended way of quickly chilling your wine because as the ice melts it’ll water down your wine but truth be told I know several wine connoisseurs and winemakers will use this method and remember just because you don’t like a technique doesn’t make it wrong. Cheers from The California Wine Club.

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good stuff. Keep pumping out the videos. Subbed.

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