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Ro: Hey guys it’s Ro! Welcome to another
Nerdy Nummies, today I have a very Ro: special guest… It’s Hannah! Hannah:
Hello! Ro: She has an awesome YouTube Channel, I’ll
put a link down below for you Ro: to go check it out! She’s also a fellow
author you guys! Ro: A fellow foodie! We spend a lot of time
in the kitchen us ladies. Hannah: Not all women though, you can do whatever
you want with your life! Ro: Yeah! And I thought, we gotta get together,
we gotta hang out in Ro: the kitchen and make something! Ro: I got so many requests from you guys to
make something from Fallout! Ro: So I thought, let’s make some of our
very own Nuka Cola and Nuka Cola Quantum! Both: Let’s get started! Ro: Oh! Ro: The things you will need will be: A heat
safe container, I’m using Ro: this pyrex bowl, a pot, 2 cups of sugar,
2 cups of water, 1 package Ro: of Kool-Aid, I’m using the blue raspberry
lemonade to make our color. Ro: The second thing that you’ll need is
the soda stream cola syrup. Ro: They have a ton of these, but we need
the traditional cola syrup to make Ro: our drinks today. A whisk, and a soda
stream. You will also need… Hannah: Some empty coke bottles, a bottle
capper, 2 bottle caps of 2 different Hannah: colors. A very nice pair of scissors
and some sticker paper! Ro: Now let’s put it all together! Hannah: I love all these gestures! Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna take our pot, sugar, water, Ro: packet of Kool-Aid, Pyrex measuring cup and
whisk over to the stove. Ro: Place your pot onto the stove and add
your sugar and water, then turn Ro: the heat to medium high and whisk together until
the sugar is dissolved. Ro: Let the mixture come to a boil and then
boil for about 5 minutes. Ro: Then turn your heat off and add the Kool-Aid
powder, whisk together Ro: again and pour into a heat safe container.
I’m using a large Pyrex Ro: glass measuring cup. Lastly you’re gonna
let the mixture cool completely, Ro: you can speed up the process by putting
it into the fridge. Hannah: OK, so while that’s cooling in the
fridge, what should we do next? Ro: We’re gonna be doing some arts and crafts,
a little DIY up in this beezy! Ro: So, we have our sticker paper, and what
I’ve done is I’ve gone into photoshop Ro: and I made these cute little templates
to decorate our soda bottles. Ro: So I’ll put a link down below if you’re
interested in downloading the templates Ro: that I made, or you can make your own,
whatever you’d like. Ro: But we have 2, we have the traditional
Nuka Cola, and we have the Ro: Nuka Cola Quantum Cola, and now we’re
just gonna cut ‘em out, free hand it! Hannah: OK, here we go. Ro: Alright, you got,
oh you got the fancy scissors! Hannah: I got the fancy scissors! So should
I just cut these straight down the Hannah: center, or? Hannah: Oh my god this is my nightmare! Ro:
No you’re doing good! Hannah: It was always hard for me to color
inside the lines, I was always like, Hannah: but what about what’s outside the
lines!?!? Hannah: So now that we’ve made our labels,
we’ve set them off to the side Hannah: because if you put them on the bottle
and then they get wet when Hannah: you’re pouring your mixture in,
you’re gonna ruin that label that Hannah: you spent so much time making. So,
that’s the last step. Ro: Yeah, we don’t want to do that! Hannah:
Hmmm-mmmm! Ro: Now we are going to make our sodas, this
is so exciting if you guys Ro: haven’t used a soda stream before, don’t
be scared! It’ no Deathclaw, Ro: you don’t gotta worry about this little guy. Ro: Deathclaw is a character in the game,
he’s like the scariest monster guy. Ro: So what you do is you fill your little
soda stream bottle up to the line Ro: with cold water. Hannah: Mmmhmmm, because
cold water holds carbonation better. Ro: Mmmhmmm, and then you’re just gonna stick
him in here. Hannah: And then you’re gonna press it down
for 2 seconds, release, Hannah: press down for 2 seconds and release.
Want to give it a go? I’m Hannah: scared a little bit. Ro: You do it,
you can do it, you can do it! Hannah: You want me to do it? Ro: 2 seconds!
Hannah: OK, YOLO! Ro: One, two! Ro: One, two! Ro: It sounds like a spsaceship! Hannah: Wow yeah, that looks nice and bubbly!
Ro: That sounds like the future! Ro: Now you’re gonna take your Kool-Aid syrup that we made earlier, it’s had plenty of time to cool in the fridge, Ro: and we’re just going to slowly add a little, until you
get the color that you want. Hannah: Wow! Ro: Ooooh! Hannah: And now it’s
radioactive? Ro: Now I”m gonna put the cap on, doo-doo-doo!
Tip it over, just to make sure Ro: the syrup is all combined, and mix it… Ro: Oop! Ro: Just make sure the cap’s on tight before
you do that. Hannah: The more you know! Ro: Mmmhmm… Hannah: Now I’m gonna do mine! Hannah: So we carbonate, isn’t it great?
Ro: Yeah! Ro: One, two. Ro: Two… Ro: It sounds like Darth Vader! Hannah: I’ll be making my Nuka Cola using
the regular cola syrup, Hannah: And I’m only gonna add a cap full,
because that’s… Oh, I was not expecting this. Hannah: I really was expecting the length
of the cap. Ro: One of my vices is soda. Hannah: Really?
Ro: I love soda. Hannah: So this is a dangerous game you’re
playing. Ro: Mmmhmm. Hannah: Alright so just like Ro I’m going
to make sure that it’s super tight, Hannah: and flip it over. Ro: Huuuhhh! Hannah: Huhh! Ro: Now our sodas are ready, and it’s time
to put them in the bottles, so… Ro: We’re gonna open them up. Hannah: Oh
I love that sound! Pschh!! Ro: Me too! And we’ve got measuring cups
with a little pour spigot to make Ro: things a little bit easier, because transferring
them between here and here Ro: is a little bit messy! Hannah: Don’t do it! Ro: No, I don’t trust
myself! Hannah: How much, ho much do we pour? Ro:
Pour it in here, oh! 12 ounces. Hannah: Whoa you nailed it! Ro: I did… What?
Hannah: She nailed it! Hannah: It’s right on twelve! You’re a
natural! Ro: Wasn’t even looking! Hannah: I’m gonna look because I often mis-measure. Ro: You can do it girl! Hannah: Here we go.
Ro: Get that science on! Hannah: It’s twelve! Ro: Alright, so we’re just gonna pour him
in, hopefully I don’t drop these! Ro: Doo-doo-doo-dooo! Hannah: Good thing it’s
not a race… Ro: Oh gah, oh gah, oh gah, oh gah, err-de,
err-de, err-de! Ro: You guys, this is so exciting, I’ve
never made my own home made soda before! Ro: Fallout is gonna be so proud of us! Hannah: That looks, really good! Ro: That’s
good! That’s good! Hannah: That’s really good! Ro: You can’t get any
closer than that you guys! Hannah: We have to let go! Hannah: We’re gonna keep doing this, uh,
for as many bottles as we want! Ro: Mmmhmm! Hannah: But, within reason, because truly
you should not drink that much sugar. Ro: Yeah, probably you shouldn’t drink like
ten of these. Hannah: Just heads up! Ro: Just nine of them! Ro: We are about to cap our bottles, but if
you don’t have a bottle capper, Ro: I wanted to show you a really easy alternative.
I found these at a Michael’s Ro: craft store, so I’ll put a link down
below, they’re just twist off caps. Ro: So if you don’t want to deal with bottle
capping them, you can just get these Ro: little guys. Hannah: Wow, that’s so nifty! Ro: This is really easy, these are about $20,
and then bottle are like a penny apiece. Ro: They’re very inexpensive. Hannah: Oh
cool! Ro: And in the game, they’re a currency. Hannah: Really? Bottle caps are currency in
the game? Ro: Yeah! Hannah: Wow. Ro: Yeah! Hannah: So we’re like millionaires! Ro: Yeah, oh my gosh, look at how much bling
we have! Hannah: We have, we’re so rich! Too
bad it’s a post-apocalyptic future you know? Ro: I know it’s kinda sad… Hannah: Yeah.
Ro: When you look at it. Ro: I get the silver bottle caps and you’re
gonna be using the red, so they’ll Ro: match in the game. Ro: Then you line it up on top, take this
bad boy, you open him up, put him Ro: right on top. Clamp him down, and then
just press down. You got it! Hannah: Huagh! Is that it? Ro: Yes, yes. Hannah: Oh! Ro: That’s it! Hannah: I was
really expecting some sort of video Hannah: game reward noise, like a ding, can
we put that in post? Ro: Yeah. Ro: You got it! Hannah: Huagh! *Ding* Hannah: Hey! Ro: Yep! Look at that! Hannah:
Awesome! Ro: Ewwwwwp! Hannah: Hey-o! Ro: That’s the
test. Ro: We can like, move to Portland and make
our own fancy brews, and fit in just fine. Hannah: We’re gonna be just fine in Portland! Hannah: Ro, you were so kind to let me do
yours, I would love it if you could cap mine. Ro: Got it, I gotcha girl, ready for this?
Hannah: Team work! Hannah: Nailed it! Ro: Oh it’s so cool! Hannah: It looks like
a real soda! Ro: Now we’re gonna cap the rest of these
bottles and then add on the final Ro: detail, our little custom labels! Hannah:
Ooooh! Ro: Hmmm-hmmm-hmmm-hmmm-hmmm-hmmm! Hannah: Now that we’re on the final step,
um, Ro, could you tell me how Hannah: to put these labels on? Ro: These are super easy, flip it on the back
and it should have a line down Ro: the middle. Hannah: Ohhh! Ro: So you peel off the back end because it’s
just like a sticker. Bewp! Ro: And then on the jar, you’re gonna want
to stick the barcode on first, and Ro: then you’re just gonna wrap it all the
way around and boom! Hannah: Voila! Ro: Yeah, and then press down the sides. Ro: You got it, you got it! Hannah: This is the hardest part! Hannah: Ahh! Ro: Don’t worry you got it, you got it,
you got it! Hannah: There we go! Hey! Ro: Boom! There we go, see you just go like that! Hannah: It’s decent. Ro: Yeah, it’s good! Ro: And now you’re gonna do this to the
rest of your sodas! Hannah: Oh look at that! Second time for me
was way better, oh! Ro: That looks great! Hannah: Let’s compare
and contrast. Mine got better. Ro: Mine got worse… Both: Ta-da! Ro: Here are the Nuka Cola’s that we made
from Fallout, a big thank you to Ro: you guys for suggesting these, these were
so much fun to make. Ro: And, a big thank you to Hannah for helping
me make these today. Hannah: Thanks for having me Ro! Hannah: If you guys want to see Ro and I cook
in my kitchen, go ahead Hannah: and subscribe to my channel. Ro: That’s
right, I’ll be putting all of Ro: her links down below so you can go check
it out and watch, and, if you guys Ro: have any other ideas for any other Nerdy
Nummies, let me know, leave me Ro: a comment down below and I will do my
best to make it happen! Ro: Also, I’ll be posting lots of pictures…
Hannah: Oooh! Ro: of these little sodas on Facebook, Tumblr,
Twitter, Instagram, and if you Ro: guys make ‘em, please send me a photo,
I love seeing your baking creations, Ro: I just get a big kick out of it! It makes
my day. Ro: Yeah, you can tweet it to both of us,
we want to see what you’re doing. Hannah: Absolutely! Ro: Yeah! Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye!
Hannah: Bye, bye! Ro: bye, bye, bye!



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