Exploring Wine & Street Food With MasterChef Sarah Todd | Indian Street Food | Served #13

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India has a huge variety of street food… …be it kebabs or tikkas Try anything in Old Delhi… …you’ll find a new variety of the same dish in a few steps! But, what happens when your Indian street food… …comes all the way from Australia? That is what I am here to figure out in Gurgaon’s gastronomical delight – Cyber Hub Ladies and gentlemen, today we’re at The Wine Company… …and we’re trying MasterChef Sarah Todd’s take on Indian street food! This is just a cardboard poster, we’ll meet her in person very soon! Guys, now I am here with Mr. Ashish Kapoor who’s the owner of The Wine Company! Hello sir, how are you? Very good, I am Ashish What is the concept behind The Wine Company? What sort of made it happen? How did it go? Well, you know wine in India was… …a little alien, a little intimidating! And at The Wine Company we said.. …listen, let’s make this a fun place… …let’s make the interaction with wine happen! And let’s break the barriers down! So, for example we have a shop not a celler All the wines are priced at wholesale prices So, value is a very important element to this! We’ve over 250 varieties of wine! Lot of people say that wine culture does not exist in India It’s basically beer! Because… …it’s always this wine vs beer thing… …and somehow for some strange god forsaken reason… …beer always win! We’ve to get over this beer obsession someday! Well, then spend a lot more time here because… …what’s happened over here is we sell over 200 bottles of wine a day! My God! Every person and every wine has a karma So, any handy wine tips for going to a place and choosing a wine? First and foremost… …love wine! The best thing to do is taste! Before you order, ask the server to help you to taste a couple… …before you decide to select a wine! And if you ask me, that’s the single best way because… …you’ll end up flirting with a lot, but you’ll romance one! So, you guys serve something here, called the karari roti! Yes! Which I’ve heard loads about and I want to know about how did that come out? What happened? That karari roti is our way of breaking bread together! Even with Sarah… …Sarah says – listen, I love naan… …I love Indian breads! Why should we serve foreign breads Focaccia! Ciabatta! Whatever! Who does that, right? So, that’s a great point to take our discussion forward and to meet the brains behind this lovely new menu! Yeah, brains and the beauty! Okay so, I am right now here with Sarah Todd, the MasterChef! What are you making for us right now? So, this is our Flaming Kalaari! So, this is Old Monk, it’s got this beautiful kind of caramelized, molasses sort of flavour once you… …flambe it! And we basically just created this… …it’s Kashmiri Kalaari Cheese So, we saute it in a lemon butter sauce! And we’ve got some peppers to cut through that fat… …so it makes it a little more balanced! It sort of gets through So, you make sure you get the pepper as well! Very cheesy! It’s lovely! The Old Monk is like… …it’s just like an old friend Every college student in India… …I don’t think you know this Every college student in India… …has had Old Monk Even if people don’t like rum, I am not a big rum fan Everyone’s has had Old Monk! Even I had it when I first came to India Fantastic! Isn’t it? Before I came here I mostly only knew North Indian foods… …so things like keema, saag, samosas and pakoras You know, and… …I thought that was just Indian food And when I got here… Trust me, most people in India think that’s just Indian food! I could live on it for a while! Next two dishes are here, I am assuming these are two dishes… …yes! So, what is this now? So, what I’ve done here is made a… …Quinoa Biryani I’ve heard of a lot of combinations… …Quinoa Biryani! So, we’ve got an Avocado Raita and… …we’ve also got… This is so much fun! This is also karari roti It’s in my accent – karari roti Karari roti! Sounds good! I am going going to sort of… …why don’t you also sort of have some please! Yeah, digging in! It’s actually so good because you can actually feel like it’s biryani… …you know it’s biryani because of all of the flavours I still can’t believe there’s no rice in that No rice! There’s no rice in biryani! Guys! I am having a moral dilemma here! Anyway, so moving on now So, again I was inspired by paan and I loved the leaf… …the flavour of the leaf actually Basically, it’s the betel leaf, we’ve got the avocado raita again and Raan Kolhapuri! And boondi on top for a little bit of crispy crunch! Nobody has ever had meat in paan before I am very interested to try this! So, is this going to be like… It’s like a little taco! So many textures in them… …it’s the boondi, the raan so soft! Anyway, let me eat my paan! Anyway, now we’re going to have a more at length discussion with Sarah! Alright, see you there! So, I wanted to know from you, what the MasterChef journey was like? Because that sort of started the things off… …and how was that like there? You know, MasterChef is like a rocket into the industry… …it’s 6 months of intense training And you just can’t buy that kind of training It’s intense, it’s very stressfull I am sure, it looks incredibly scary! It is! You made aloo gobhi on MasterChef? I read about this.. …and I can just imagine, millions of Indian moms sitting in India like… …what? Aloo gobhi! Come here everybody, some girl from Australia is making aloo gobhi on TV! My son’s half Indian actually… …so, I lived with his grandparents for about 2 years! So, his grandmother would be in kitchen, she’d be cooking, watching a bollywood show on television… …again, no measurements, just throwing everything in! And I am there with a notepad, writing everything down and learning! My entire goal throughout MasterChef and you know my plan after MasterChef was… …I actually wanted to open an Indian restaurant in Australia But somehow the universe didn’t hear me correctly and I’ve opened an Australian restaurant in India! I don’t know what happened? So yeah, I mean it was just quite crazy… …I mean I was travelling around India, doing cooking demonstrations! I had no idea of the following that I had in India because of MasterChef So, when I started travelling around, that’s when I fell in love and I was amazed… …that how many people were watching the show! It’s the only Goa plan in the history of the world that actually succeded Because, if you just talk to any Delhi people, they’ll be like… …they’ll be like yeah, we’re making a plan for Goa next year! Never happens! No Goa plans, it’s the history of Goa plans to fail! And never to materialize! But somehow through all of that, you actually made a Goa plan happen! Yeah! Through the craziness! Contrary to what Bombay people will tell you, Delhi is the street food capital of India I hold that, I’ll say that till my dying breath Because what Bombay people do is, they’ll take something and they’ll grate cheese all over it! Everything! Isn’t that true? No…you’re from Bombay, aren’t you? Don’t you do this all the time? Sandwich, grate cheese! The things Bombay people do with dosa is like torture It’s next level torture! Having been around, what is your favourite Indian food? Like street food? I love pani puri, I mean it’s simple nice texture, it’s got good flavor… …you know the little pop in your mouth! But, I love kulchas as well! Kulchas? Yeah, kulchas! So, we’ve done quiet a few versions of the kulcha in the menu! Yeah, yeah. The duck thing… The red wine & cranberry duck kulcha We’ve got a lot of a lot of street food… …momos I love as well How much Hindi have you been taught? I want to remind you that make sure you teach your children! Woah! Oh My God! That was so good! How do you scold your child in Hindi? I’ll be like, quickly! Quickly! Thank you very much Sarah, it was lovely speaking to you Yeah, it was a pleasure! I got to learn a lot more… …now I’m going to sit down have some of the dishes and I am going to enjoy them fully! Nice! Guys, make sure you like, share and subscribe to EatTreat! Cheers! Anyway guys, we’re ready to eat.There’s some really tasty food in front of me… …that I want to try! I am going to try these momos with some very interesting sauce Money shot! It’s a momo after all! It’s a really nice sauce! Oh My God! It is awesome! This is the karari roti! Look, it’s making a sound… I don’t know why I get these big breads everywhere! Naan Bukhara at Bukhara, karari roti here! So, I was saying Cyber Hub has such good restaurants but I don’t know why I never visited this place before! I’ve been missing out on something great… …what is your favourite restaurant in Cyber Hub? Comment down below You should always hold the wine from here, do you know why? Because if you hold it by the goblet like that… …the heat from your hands will get transferred to the wine! Did you know this? You are a cheap production, you wouldn’t know. I’ll tell you all this! Usually when I eat paan, my accent changes to Bhojpuri! The meat is so delicious and soft! I don’t know how it’s going so well with the paan! I’ve prepared a special speech for my lovely crew members! I’ll read it out! We’ve tried the food… …it’s time for the rating now! I feel like it’s genuinely a fantastic place to come and eat And the food itself that I’ve tried here is nothing less than 4 stars out of 5! Absolutely brilliant! The approximate cost for two is Rs 1800 without drinks! But, it’s really good, it’s worth it! You guys have commented that I don’t laugh anymore… …so today I’ll just show you guys You’re welcome! Thank you very much for everything… …thank you very much for watching our videos Thank you very much for subscribing! We’re growing… …and we’re also overwhelmed with the love that you’re giving us! Thank you very much, please keep subscribing to our channel… …please keep liking our videos, please keep commenting Till then I am Shashank, and you have been served!

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