Ethiopian Drink – How to Make Abish Metet – የአብሽ መጠጥ አሰራር

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Hello, viewers what I am going to show you today is how to make a drink of Fenugreek (abish) this drink has so many uses for our health and body but most of the time we hate to use it because people say it has a bitter taste and gives our body bad odor if it has many uses tho it would be better if we can make it in different ways. you can also add ingridients that might sweeten the taste. I will show you when I add my own ingredients so that you can use them accordingly. Now let’s get to work This is raw Fenugreek (abish) and this is it in powder form In our country, Fenugreek (abish) has two forms namely black and white Fenugreek (abish) we can make both of them in powder form and use them as a drink how do we change raw Fenugreek (abish) into it’s powder form? this might be a question you raise. I will try and tell you the ways short but precisely this raw Fenugreek (abish) must 1st be cleaned. to do that, we must 1st filter it from its dirt we filter it until nothing but the Fenugreek (abish) is left. then it should be washed but sometimes before it is washed; If there are any soluble soils or specks of dirt that floats on the surface of the water we can wash them thoroughly and we can let it dry in the sun so they won’t take much time. Now, when we wash this; we won’t put much amount of water inside it because it can not resist water we will pour water and wash it quickly as many as possile we will filter it from the water and let it dry we must put it in a bowl that is not sticky after it is completely dry it has its own powdering machine that is different from any other we will powder and filter it using the machine and put it in a glass like bowl so it wont be spoiled Now this is just one of the ways the 2nd way i want to show you; is called “Mabonqol” in Amharic. It is a kind of way that we use in our country that helps the taste not to be sour. when we grow the seeds (mabonkol) we need to be careful in the proces because we might ruin the whole thing. if it grows much it will be useless it needs to be done perfectly how do we do that? one might ask. I have done this before you might want to look that up for details but just to revise; like I said before, you will wash it very well at first then you will filter it and let it try putting it in a bowl. we will let it stay in the bowl for atleast 12 hours you will follow it up untill it grows a tiny bit an give it as many sunlight as possible with a clean bowl in a clean place you keep doing that until it completely dries then you put the dried Fenugreek (abish) in the powdering machine. and powder it and put it in a glass like bowl as i said earlier you should not roast the raw Fenugreek (abish) that you want to use for drinks and it can not be done after powdering i thought it would be helpful to tell you guys all these. If you want more information on this, i have done one video of question and answer so look it up. to those of you who ask where to find the Fenugreek (abish) out of Ethiopia; It is available in an Ethiopian shops In Ethiopia, you can get it in spice shops. you can use a coffee powdering machine if you are here in America so this is the ways i wanted to show you Now I will start doing the drink, I will show you how I put the poweder we must put the powder bit by bit so I will put plenty of water in a bowl i have washed and dried my hand now I will put the powder in the water slowly. if you know any other methods of doing the mix you can use that too. you will do like this slowly so it can settle in the water you must take care of the amount of powder you use for those of you who have never done this before for it might be too much. and don’t make it stay for too long because it will lose its thickness you must use it frequently until it finishes i do it slowly so it can settle down in the water slowly and you will see the water changing it’s color into greenish like that water is very sour and it needs many ingredients to make it sweet. this amount is enough for me I will close it like this you can make it stay like this from 6 to 8 or 12 hour. i will wait for it for 8hour. And by the way, it should not be moved, i am only moving it so it can be better seen for the video so i will see you after 8 hour I am back after 8 hour viewers the next job is to remove the water that is on top and mix the settled powder. Now i will filter the water out It has no problem if you dont filter it, but it will be very sour. you can use the filtered water but it is very sour we will remove the filtered water the settled powder now looks like this the amount depends on your wish I have use the amount i want The color depends on it’s type. like the white and black Fenugreek (abish) i mentioned earlier This is the black type. In ancient times people use to pour water in it and stir it with their hands like this. The reason is that it’s the amount will increase and also we can control its thickness with thes method they also used spoons But now we have stirring machines, we will use that to mix it. we will now put this in the machine; but before that, you need to be careful to not soak it in water for more than 8 hours because it will be ruined if so. these four things we use them to make the taste more sweet. what is in here is a Date palm (temer) that I pulled its seed out and soaked. so it can be easy to powder it in the macine this here is a lemon juice. this helps decrease the smell of the drink All the others here excluding the lemon juice are ingredients that we sue to make the taste sweeter. We can either use them all together or one at a time on the drink. I wont be using the sugar I will just be using this 3. so now i will 1st out in the Date palm (temer) Now foe the lemon juice you can use orange juice together with the lemon juice if you want I will just add a little bit It is better if you don’t add too much sweet in it. Now let us procced to blend it. I have mixed it very well. Look at the thickness I perosnally like it when it is not that much thick but you can do it as your wish This is enough honey in it. I will not add more even if it is thick Now let me pour it viewers, Let me taste it now. It tastes really good. you can do this at home I have finished my work for today. Until the next video, have a nice time.

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