Esquire – Cooper’s Hawk December 2019 Wine of the Month

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Happy holidays, fellow Wine Club Members! I’m Tim McEnery, the Founder & CEO of Cooper’s
Hawk our lovely Wine Club
and I’m thrilled to be talking to you today from our Cooper’s Hawk Esquire Chicago
our 41st location and our tribute to the world of wine!
Cooper’s Hawk Esquire Chicago is located in the former Esquire Theatre in the city
of Chicago which celebrated great experiences
for tens of thousands of Chicagoans for many, many years. It’s an honor and a privilege to be located
in this space and we promise that we’ve got something wonderful
to deliver to you! So, come and celebrate with us! But, in the meantime, celebrate at home with
the tribute to the world of wine,
the Esquire Chicago Cabernet Sauvignon, our Wine of the Month for December. This incredible Cabernet Sauvignon
from Paso Robles, California fruit … It’s delicious. I hope you love it! Happy holidays, we look forward to seeing
you soon! Cheers!

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Love the Esquire!

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