Episode3: Baalaji Cool Drinks

By Brian Lemay 5 comments

We are at Hong Kong Bazar
road, near Rajkamal Theatre We’ll take you to a provisional store! don’t worry we’ll not review
any ready-made sweets! I’m Padmavathi, this is my husband,
Kodandapani; he is deaf & dumb.. he is my son, Parvanand;
he’s deaf and dumb too. We’ve opened this
store since 1993 from then we did start
adding Masala to Soda in the same pattern we started
to add Masala to Soft drinks and hence it’s well known.. Since he’s deaf and dumb, he
Couldn’t work elsewhere.. Customers point to the
board and place an order This is husband’s brother’s idea The concept of Soda
Masala is old and popular why not add Masala
to soft-drink.. we did experiment at home, it was
Successful, and started at our store Not only residents of
Mysore visit here.. also from cities around
Mysore visit too.. customers with friends and relatives
visit here appreciate this people recognize us with
“Thumbs-up Masala” We prepare Soda Masala
and sweet soda masala Cocktail-Masala (Mixing soft-drinks
depending on customer’s order/number) we mix any soft drink
and add Lemon, Masala.. The sweet soda is for digestion only,
soft-drink masala is for taste with digestion. we add Home-made masala (secret!) one of our customers,
and Ayurveda doctor.. he advised us to add a paste (herbal) this paste will eliminate any
bad effect of soft-drink I’m now having Thumbs-up
– Mirinda Masala cocktail.. The mixture of flavors, masala with
Ayurvedic (herbal) paste is very good. An article about our store was put up
in Deccan Herald Newspaper during 2007 Also in 2013 an article in
Star of Mysore News paper Along with it in 2013,
X-MLA Shankar Linge Gowda Running the store
being Deaf Dumb.. at 60th anniversary of his group.. he honored my husband. I’m customer for this
store since my college. Approximately about 20 years.. whenever I visit Mysore, I
Drop-in to taste Masala Soda I can find this taste nowhere.. being resident of another city,
I relish this drink at Mysore today I’m here at Mysore, I’ll have
a drink and return to hometown. I’m a customer to this
shop since 18 years.. I believe no one else can
prepare such tasty soda masala and hence when I visit,
I’ll definitely drop-in Many are making an attempt
to replicate the taste.. but no one has achieved it. They have given a new flavor
to soft-drinks and soda this is Baalaji Cool Drinks
store’s specialty. In a Provision store, they’ve proved
there is a provision to Masala soda.. Do visit this, the taste
doubles during summer.


Mir Athif Faraz

Oct 10, 2013, 4:31 am Reply

being in mysore, havent tasted this ,will definitely taste this soon,thank u for this video

Mysoora Paaka

Oct 10, 2013, 4:51 am Reply

Watch Episode 3 with English Captions!

Shashank Soghal

Oct 10, 2013, 6:29 pm Reply

Welcome Athif.. Try all the food items we show.. everything is unique in one or the other way. Please spread our visibility by sharing our weekly episodes.

Shashikant D.Nidoni

Nov 11, 2013, 7:51 am Reply

Nice..:) Wanna try this and thanks..:)

Sunil Iyer

May 5, 2016, 4:10 am Reply

Mysoora Paaka, Hi! I was searching for some good benne dosa videos when I cam across your channel. Your channel is very interesting ( I have never been to Mysore) and have seen all your videos. But this particular video is very touching. I would like to thank and congratulate you on highlighting these important individuals who carry on their business in such an honest way. Thanks again.:-D

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