Entertaining tips: beverages, food, music and more!

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Hey there you’re watching Amitha Verma!
Does the idea of having people over send you in to a panic? Do wish you could entertain
but feel overwhelmed at all there is to do and don’t know where to start? We entertain
all the time at the shop and in my home so today I wanted to share some of my favorite
tips for easy, effortless entertaining to take the stress out the process. Soon you’ll
be excited to host the next event and enjoy them just at much your guests! One of the most stressful part of entertaining
is the food and drink. So to start decide where you will serve drinks and preferably
keep it away from the food serving area so all your guests aren’t crowded into one
area of your home. I love using a simple bar cart for this – it’s
easy to move and has a lot of design personality. My sister and I always create a signature
drink for each and every single event we ever host. It makes the event so much fun and gives
the guests something to look forward to! Looking for a great drink – look in the downloadable
worksheet for our latest recipe! For appetizers, just think about your guests
and what they may like to snack on. For example, we often host morning events at my shop. I’m
sure many of my guests forget to have breakfast in anticipation of the event so we try to
include breakfast type of snacks during those events. One of my favorite tips is to buy multiple
of the same color serving ware to create a beautiful display. This might mean multiple
creamware platters or multiple vintage breadboards for serving. You can always go back and add
in a few special pieces or maybe your collection is all special patterned pieces but be consistent
to create a wow spread. And with the food, try to spread out a the
food stations so people can mingle throughout your entertaining area. Make a music playlist. We do this for many
of the events we host. We might select some current pop music, classic Frank Sinatra or
create a holiday mix. Now there are so many ways to create your own music mix, and this
is a must have for any holiday entertaining! Create a unique tablescape for a seated dinner.
I’ve blogged about how to create these, they are fun, welcoming and can express your
design style in a unique way. Looking for help on this, we’ll include a link to that
blog on our website! Don’t forget about the finishing touches
such as ambient lighting and flowers. For lighting, I love these little led votive candles
you can pop into a little votive holder and place throughout you home. For flowers, do them yourself. Think about
the time of year, what you’re tablescape might look like and select your flowers with
those colors and textures in mind. Simply arrange them in interesting containers! And there you go, these are these same steps
I follow whether I’m entertaining at my shop or in my home! Sound easy enough? Leave a comment in the
comments section below and share your biggest struggles with us! Did you like this video? If so be sure to
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free design tips! If you know someone who would love these tips,
I’d love the honor of you sharing this video with your family and friends! Thanks so much for watching, till next time
keep making your home special with your amazing design gifts!


absolutely adonis

Sep 9, 2016, 6:22 am Reply

Great tips. It would've been really nice if you would've inserted video or pictures of the tips you spoke of. For those of us who are visual learners. šŸ‘šŸ½

Sue Pete

Nov 11, 2017, 3:32 pm Reply

Thank you!

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