[Eng sub]Macrame – chapter 8. Wine Bottlebag/ 마크라메 와인보틀백 만들기

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Hello,I’m Kim Kyu Sang of macrame Grida. This time,
I’m going to make a very simple wine-bottle bag. It’s the size of a bag
that can hold a bottle of wine like this. It’s a very simple bag that can hold a bottle of water
in addition to wine. I used a 5mm thick string, First, I prepared 4 lines of 240cm
and 20 lines of 180cm. So let’s make it right now. It’s a very simple bag made of one knot. First, gather 240cm strings side by side, I’ll tie up the 90cm part and mark it. Don’t tie hard because you have to loosen it later,
Please tie it to show only the location. Please hang the hook in the tie. And pull the 90cm up, I’m going to knot down. I’m going to do the square knots like this. A square knot is a knot like this. This knot is called a square knot, Most macrame bags I make are made from these knots. If you do this knot Next, cross the strings and make a square knot. There’s an inch between them If you make cm, it will be 2.5cm. Repeat the knot like this, There are 12 spaces in 1 inch space.
Just keep working. If you have 12 parts,
Please untie the first part. Next, fold it in half and hang it on the hook. Fold in half the 180cm you prepared
and hold it side by side. Hold it firmly and do a square knot. Please paste the same way on the right side. If it’s on both sides, hold it in two lines side by side,
Please do a square knot. Add strings in the same way. Add a string and do a square knot in between. Add five strings repeatedly. If you’ve added all five lines, The other side will also add a string in the same way,
and I’ll knot it. And you’ve connected five lines to each side, Hold the handle firmly so that it doesn’t twist.Please hang it on the hook. Hang them side by side, and connect them with a square knot. Please connect the other side with a square knot. The top part is done like this, Next, I’m going to repeat the square knot
to make the shape of the cylinder. Hold the strings between them and make a square knot. I turned it around, and I made a line of square knot. In the same way, do 12 lines more square knots. Knotted up to here,
Relative to the center If you’ve made a total of 14 lines, Insert the bottle and check if it fits. Then I will close it. The bottom part is based on these two parts,
Please come down and grab 12 lines. Please make a square knot with 12 lines. Make sure that there are three pairs, two pairs, and one pair. Please make the floor so that it can be connected like this. If you do this, I will finish the bottom part. Usually, the bottom finish of the bag has to be inside,
so I flip it over and finish it. The characteristic of the flat knot is the same inside and outside,
Even if you do not turn over, it comes out the same way. To finish, fold the bottom so that
it is in contact with each other. Next, make a square knot using the string at the top as the center string.
Please be one like this. Remove the knotted strings,
The center string continues to be square knot on the same line. Take the strings from both sides,
Do the same square knot in the same way. Put away the knotted string aside,
Repeat the flat knot with the next string. If you do five pairs of square knots, I’ll continue with the other aspects. I connected the bottom part like this. I can’t see it because of the string,
I’ll show you the arrangement. After cutting the strings by 1cm,
I finished with fire I left the center string of the square knot that I did at the end. If you look at the center hole, You can finish it by filling in the hole with this string. I tied the knot and filled the hole. I’ll cut the rest of the string with 1cm left
and finish it with fire. I’m done with it.Let’s turn it upside down. If you turn it over and see the deadline,You can see that it’s finished neatly. I’ll put in a wine bottle to make sure it fits well. So I’ve done the wine-bottle bag Next time, let’s apply today’s bag
to make a shoulder bag. Thank you for watching,
I’ll come back with a great story next time.


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