‘Egg in a Mixed Drink?!’ How To Make a Flip Cocktail | Behind The Bar

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(rock music) – When you crack
an egg in a drink, people think you’re nuts, right? It looks sort of weird,
right, it’s almost like you’re like holy shit,
what is this person doing? The Flip is an egg drink
with sugar and then a spirit. The Flip started somewhere
around the 1600s. It is a tavern drink that
is connected with America during colonial times. What they are doing with
it is they’re making it into a big batch. They’re mixing eggs,
sugar, cream, rum, beer, and then they’re gonna
take a lagerhead, just basically a hot poker
with a ball on the end of it. And then they’re gonna
put that in there and it’s basically gonna create a
froth, and then that’s gonna be doled out for
patrons in a bar. Rum made it into the
colonies through the British, and these people were
drinking so much during colonial times, something
like 10 gallons of rum a year for each individual. The problem was that
a lot of this stuff was really badly made. What I think was happening
was people were actually starting to doctor the spirits. They were starting to
look at them and say okay, how can we
make it taste better. So I believe what they
were doing was they were taking eggs and sugar
and basically trying to make these cocktails much
more accessible for people, especially if you were
going to a tavern, it’s like okay, how
can we sell this. The Flip sort of morphed
into different things over the years. Anything with an
egg white or froth, like a Collins, or
the Ramos Gin Fizz. It’s one of those drinks
that I just think, it just doesn’t get enough play. I’ve always been the person
that wants to make drinks that have eggs in it. So I’ve been playing
around with the idea of egg whites and eggs in
cocktails probably for the last seven years. Anything that I can
possibly put an egg in, I’ll put an egg in. The Flip that we’re
going to make today, we are going to use a whole egg, we’re also going to add
a couple of dashes of Orange Bitters, two
ounces of dark rum, on ounce of Pedro
Ximenez Sherry, a quarter ounce of Amaro,
also a quarter ounce of Banana Liqueur
as a sweetener. We’re gonna do a dry shake. We’re gonna cap it, make sure
it’s really locked in there and you’re gonna shake it. You really wanna break up
that egg that’s in there, gonna add ice to
it, shake it again, take that mixture, put it
into a chilled pint glass without the ice, and
we’re gonna take a porter, top it off all the
way, and then just put a little bit of
nutmeg on top of that. This is the Flip. I think it’s a
very fall cocktail. You’re getting a lot
of dry cereal notes. Obviously with the
porter, you’re getting a lot of spice in there
as well, and then the rum is your sweetener. You gotta give it a shot. Sort of like a little
bit of an underdog. I think that’s probably
why I love it so much. It’s making a comeback.


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great history lesson and teaches you about a drink

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That's Amazing, dude!


Mar 3, 2017, 1:17 am Reply

I gotta admit, the thumbnail peeked my curiousity. The idea of mixed a whole raw egg into a drink does sound gross, but this drink looks amazing. I wonder if we'll see this drink in a future "Bar Rescue".

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