Drunk vs Stoned

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-So you catch them and drop them. -Yeah, I got it. (Laughing) (laughing) Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… five… four… Three… two… One… Lift it forward and you catch in your legs. Now bring your leg back up and catch with your hands. F**k you… Uuugghhh!!! F**k you! (laughter) Hey, Dee. I just wanna like tell you that uhh.. You mean a lot to everyone that’s here. Umm… Happy Birthday. Umm… Dee Just askshmarmdrghm… I wanna be a fire fighter. -I was like I’m going to be lawyer. -I wanna get in a fight with fire. And I’m going to have a black lab. I will go buy ummm… Hanes t-shirts… that I will rub around my hands. They won’t burn that f**k quickly. If I knew what being a lawyer… like what… when I was back. Listen!!! I will kick the fire’s ass. Guaranteed. Final Round! Goooldman… dolphin cop! One thing I didn’t even taken into consideration when we were doing this is how f**king hung over I’d be the day after. I feel pretty good, I slept really, really well. My head hurts, my body hurts. I have like a cut on my leg and I have no idea how I got it…Oh my God! haha. I woke up this morning and remembered that I had parked my car in a tow away zone and the car got towed. Any thing else you want to add? Don’t do drugs kids? Yeah, that’s a good one. So I, uh… I think no matter what.. enjoy everything in moderation. and ahh… don’t get to a point where you’re being an idiot. Because… as you can see it really really sucks either way.

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