Driving a New Era of Food and Beverage Packaging with SIG

By Brian Lemay No comments

– We’re talking about a great partnership that we’ve just signed
between GE Digital and SIG. This partnership is really
about a leading company in the food and beverage
manufacturing area, building the most advanced
machines in the world for this industry, who’s
taking the next step by building out their digital capability. They’re gonna use APM to transform how those machines operate,
delivering greater efficiency, ServiceMax to take and automate
their services in a new way, and our entire Predix portfolio
for the next generation. This is a great partnership
on a global level, where we’re co-innovating in
the food and beverage industry. I’m so glad we partnered
with SIG, and looking forward to really delivering
outstanding capabilities to transform this industry with them. (upbeat music)

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