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– Guys, tonight is date night! – Date night! – I have two of our very favorite people in the whole world with us, my best friend Kathryn and
her amazing husband Mitchell. – And his mustache. – We wanted to hangout with
you guys and be with them because not only are we doing date night, but Mitchell is actually a sommelier. – Sommelier. – Is that how you say it?
– Is that how you say it? – That’s right. – Jordan and I know nothing about wine. – Zero.
– They are wine snobs. – Snobs. – You call it that,
– That’s so negative. you call it that! We say that with all love. – He’s educated. – So he’s gonna teach us
a lot about wine tonight, but before we get into that,
she’s my very best friend. We’ve known each other
for like 10, 11 years. They have been married for, how long? Couple years, Two years now. – Only two years, but 10 in our head. – Their wedding was one of
the first things that we did together as a couple right after the show, so that was kinda fun. – [Kathryn] All of the girls, I had them all in different outfits. – That part was a little stressful. – Finding your top was stressful. – But it looked great. – [JoJo] It looked amazing. – Speaking of weddings. – We actually have an
interesting update on that. You guys gotta wait on
that one, keep watching. – We’re gonna do it in
a different episode. – Will I be here? – Maybe, maybe not, maybe
you’ll just have to tune in. – We’ll write you a letter. We’re gonna be planning
a wedding at some point in the near future. Now that you’ve done it,
what’s the advice you got? – Let JoJo-
– Let me plan it. – Do most of the stuff.
– Yes. – Yeah.
– He threw in like, “I like this, I don’t like this.” I was like thank you, I like this and that’s what we’re gonna do. – Kathryn did a great
job planning the wedding. I mean, she didn’t need much help. – A-much-a-help. – A-much-a-help-a, I’m
getting in the wine spirit. (soft music) – [Jordan] Let’s do this,
I want some of this. – [Mitchell] I’m thirsty. – [JoJo] There’s so much
wine in front of us. – This was something
that Kathy sprung on me. – Do not call me Kathy. – An hour ago. – [JoJo] I love Kathy, call her Kathy. – Everybody loves Kathy. What I was planning on doing
was just bringing over one of these bottles of wine,
but then Kathryn said, “Hey, bring three more.” And I figured I would put some
together that we could try next to each other and have some fun. – ‘Cause they all look
the exact same to me. – They’re not though.
They’re all so different. – [Mitchell] Let’s grab this one here. – [Jojo] Which one? – This one. – This if for us, okay. – This is a fun wine. So, I wanted to start with this guy. This is Southold Farm & Cellar’s. This is Horseshoes & Handgrenades, a fun, fun little wine to start with because this is actually a sparkling. – [JoJo] So, what are you
doing right now though? – When I think of like, if someone puts a good wine in front of me, you know what I immediately go to- – Sniff! Right? – Is Parent Trap. – Parent Trap. – She’s sitting there, she’s like, (sniffing wine) – I have a serious thing about this, because you know when you
go to nice restaurants and they pour you a sample of
the wine before you’re like, “Yeah, pour the whole thing in there.” Like, what am I, what am
I doing when they pour me that sample? – When you do order a bottle
of wine at a restaurant, they are going to pull the
cork, they’re gonna show you the cork, and a lot of people
think that the reason that they give you the cork is so
that you can smell the cork. That’s actually really, I mean,
you can do that if you want. That’s fun,’Cause if you
hit your nose with it, it’s gonna leave a mark on your nose. But really, the reason
they’re showing you that is because you wanna look on the
cork and see that that wine that you’re looking at on the label is also printed on the cork. Because there have been
some issues in the past with counterfeiting, and
you can’t really counterfeit a wine. So really the cork is so that you can see- – [JoJo] Sorry. that the wine you’re drinking is the wine that you’re drinking. – [JoJo] Sorry. – Jackson wants to be involved right now. – He’s very interested in the wine. – Come on buddy, can you
sit, he wants to learn. – You wanna try the wine
first to make sure that the wine is not tainted. – Don’t know what that means.
– Yeah, what does that mean? – So, you wanna taste the
wine, if it tastes like vinegar, or like really, – Off.
– Off. It’s tough to say because
wines now are being made, like this one in particular,
in some funkier styles now. This whole natural wine
movement that’s coming in. So, funky smells sometimes, now, are kind of good. – Well this kind of
smells a little different. – Is this a funky smell? – Yeah.
– Right? – This is actually a
sparkling red, let’s drink it. – Okay, so wait, do we need to sniff it? – We can sniff it, yeah. – Okay, go sniff it. – What am I looking for when I sniff it? – Vinegar he said, if
it’s been tainted, listen. – [Kathryn] Yep, it’s natural. – This is a patio pounder,
man. This is like, by the pool. – Patio pounder, hey. – Not an expensive bottle, I mean, just, open it up and rip it. So, if you want to get something
like this, something that’s like, a frizzy, red wine, you could ask for like, a
Lambrusco from Italy, and, some stores may have it,
you’re local grocery store is a little funky. – Really good, and coming
from somebody that, I don’t think I even really like red wine. Okay, let’s keep it going, next. – So next, we’re gonna
grab this one right here. – [JoJo] Oh, you touched my toe. – This Merlot from Mayacamas. This is actually a really
nice, easy drinking wine. The key about wine, people
get kinda fussy about wine, and people get a little
bit intimidated about the world of wine. Wine is just about
drinking what you enjoy. I wanted to start light
and kinda move deeper. – This one smells weird to me. Weirder than the first one to be honest. Like I don’t like the smell of that. – This one smells more like, traditional. – Like a traditional red wine. – Really, I don’t know why,
that smelled so weird to me. Like rubbing alcohol kinda. – There’s alcohol in it.
– It does have alcohol in it. – There is alcohol in it- – There is alcohol in it
which is, to some people, the point. – Now I’m getting a weird smell. – Well, I mean, through the mustache it’s a little bit more difficult, but, cherries, some cherries.
– I get cherry. – How do you smell that? – I know that sounds so
cliche with like red wine, like cherries, but,
– I get like an- – Barnyard.
– Oaky. – Yeah, there’s a little
bit, but not crazy – Like a light pine.
– Oh my gosh. – Yes. A very light, maybe a cedar. – Yes. That’s what it is.
– Oh wait. – You picking that up?
– Oh wait. – One second.
– I’m smelling cedar. – If you close your ear,
too, while you’re smelling it that helps, if you’ve
ever watched Sideways. – Scratch your belly. – [ Kathryn] Sing, sing into it. – Yeah, mhm, close your
eyes, really, take it in. – Shut up.
– No. – Really?
– You’ve got to, no. – Speaking, hold up. Speaking of smelled like,
you guys have been married, it’s something that I think
is important to talk about. Kathryn, have you ever
farted in front of Mitch? – [Both JoJo And Kathryn]
Yes, all the time. – Every day of my life. I don’t know why as I’ve gotten
older, I’m a gassy woman. – They’re so bad. – And it is what it is. – You realize, your best friend – It’s not dainty. – Has never farted in front of me. – Well, she’s farted in front of me. – This is what the people like. – Have I? – Yeah, they’re not like clear
the car, but they are there. When you see people swirling
this, you’re oxygenating it. You’re really opening it up. – Can I try swirling it?
– Yeah, go for it. – I still don’t really
know the difference of it, but apparently, he does
it so I do it, too. – It makes it look like
you know what you’re doing. – So, if you guys are wanting
to find this in the store, this is a Merlot from the Napa Valley. This one in particular
is like a mountain fruit, so the grapes are grown at
a really high elevation, so, if you’re at your wine store, and you’re looking for
a lighter style Merlot, just tell the guy you’re
looking for a high elevation or a mountain fruit Merlot. – Wow, That’s really good advice. – And you’ll find a nice,
easy drinking Merlot like this one. So, we are now onto this guy. This is Ab Astris Tannat. – Guys, this is from their
winery. So this is like how into wine they are that they
just started their own winery. – Yeah.
– Just know that. – It’s true. – It’s not my winery, I just help. – But you’re definitely involved. – I prune vines. – So I smell something like buttery? – Oh girl, I love that you just said that. – You just opened up a whole can of worms. – Because that is my wine
is a yummy, buttery red. – ‘Cause I smell butter,
and like I never can smell, to be honest, I never can
smell anything in these things. They all smell the same, but
I actually smell something buttery in here, is that right? – Yes. It is right. It is right. – To my chagrin, it is correct. So the reason that this
is controversial between Kathryn and I, is that, like Kathryn said, buttery is usually something
you use to describe a white wine, but Kathryn
forever has said that she loves a good buttery Cab. – She loves that butter of hers. – I’ve always made fun
of her for it, you know, in a fun way, making fun in a fun way. She was actually told by
our winemaker that you can use buttery to describe this wine. – [Jordan] Yeah. – Did you taste it?
– Yes. – Okay, can I as well? – That’s delicious. – This is a big, bold
wine. So Tannat is a grape generally grown in France,
It’s also very widely planted in Urauguay, but we’re
planting it a lot in Texas now because it takes to the warm weather. Texas right now is kind of like
where California was in the early 70s, not a lot of
people were taking the wine seriously then, and that’s
kind of the way that it is now. It’s come a long way and I
think it’s only gonna get bigger and bigger. – I love how passionate
you are about wine. – Oh my gosh, he could talk for hours. – This is so good. No, it’s
like amazing. I love watching people talk about things that
they’re passionate about. It doesn’t matter what it
is, but you can, there’s just something that’s like, so cute about it. – So, if you’re looking for
something like this in your local wine shop or grocery store. You can ask for Tannat. If you go some place like
Total Wine, they’ve got a huge wine selection;
they have Tannat there. – It’s really good. When you plan a wedding,
you usually wanna do a white and a red, right? – Like one white, one red.
– One of each. – Yeah.
– Multiple. – Which red do you– – Yeah we need help with that. – How do you do that?
– That’s really tough. – What’s the best, just tell us. – What’s like the most, like
that you can’t go wrong with? – I would say white’s pretty easy. People generally love Sauvignon Blanc. – Yes, that’s my favorite. – Reds is really tough but
I would say Pinot Noir. – Pinot noir, that’s what I’m gonna say. – Both light.
– Do I like Pinot? – It’s light, it’s light, And
you can’t go wrong, right? – It’s light, It’s a medium
body, people are gonna drink it. – I always like looking at
the wine list ’cause I have no idea. I say medium body, and I don’t even know what that means. Alright, what’s this fourth guy? – Okay, fourth one. I’m
starting to feel a little, a little heat in my chest. – This is a Bordeaux, so, a
lot of people are probably familiar with that term. – This is muskier.
– Musky. This is Pagodes De Cos. This is a wine that is just
as good as some of the other – Expensive ones. – As the expensive ones. So, you’re paying, like,
this is more expensive than all these other wines. You’re paying 80 dollars
a bottle for this, as opposed to two to 300 dollars a bottle. – Woohoo, I’m not paying
that much for wine. – Doesn’t Trader Joes do that a lot? – Oh, that’s good, that’s good. – Tell him why you decanted it. – But I’m saying, this
is what happened when we did the holiday cocktail. (tape rewinding) – Cheers.
– Cheers. – Okay, my God. That’s old cilantro. – Keep lookin’. – I didn’t think it was strong,
but I think it was ’cause – And then you were hammered. – This is a super elegant wine. We decanted this one, so, honestly – Yeah, why do you do that? – Yeah, that’s a good
one, let’s touch on that. – That was really spicy then. – So, let’s talk about decanting, right? So this is a decanter. – I always see these and I think it’s just a cute house decoration. – Many wines will benefit
from just pouring it in here, and then you don’t have to let it sit. You just pour it straight in. – You don’t put like, if
we don’t finish this today, what do you do with the rest of it? – We’re not gonna finish this today? – Oh, we are. – You can get a topper, you
can get a little topper. – You couldn’t save
that though over night. – It depends on the wine,
if you don’t finish it, you do definitely wanna
top it, and it still should be good the next day but
wine’s are different. Wine’s a living thing, so it’s
transforming in the bottle. The longer you hold it,
you keep it in the bottle. That’s why people talk
about aging their wines, cellaring their wines. The longer you hold onto a bottle of wine, the more it’s gonna change. – She’s aged like a fine wine. – Beautiful, beautifully said. – Red wine has some good probiotics in it. – Yeah.
– Kathryn and her probiotics. – If you want something like
this, you can ask the clerk for a bottle of Bordeaux, and he’s probably gonna say, “Okay, where from in Bordeaux?” Just tell him, you’re
looking for something – In your price point. – Yeah, in your price point,
’cause Bordeaux, like I said, this is about a 80 dollar bottle. – Is this the cheapest Bordeaux? – No, no, we drank a bottle
of Bordeaux the other night that was 22 dollars, and it was great. And it was great. So, Bordeaux is pretty
wide range, so you probably wanna do a little studying up on Bordeaux and kinda figure out what
fits in your general palette, but again, Cabernet, Merlot, is generally what the blend’s made up of. (soft music) – We were married at this
place in Austin, Texas called Addison Grove. – So beautiful.
– Beautiful. – And it was like a very rustic – Couldn’t have asked for a
better weather day either. – No, it was stunning,
and we truly lucked out. It was like crisp and
cold, and bright sunshine. It was beautiful. I was so nervous, too, because
with planning our wedding I was like, are you gonna
be done with the show? Is everything gonna be
done with you traveling? I always knew that I wanted a Fall wedding ’cause I’m very hot natured. We’re always sweating. All of the girls, I had them
all in different outfits. – That part was a little stressful. – Finding your top was stressful. – But it looked great when
it was all said and done. – Mitch really went intense on the food. It was a fried feast. – Fried feast, no, there
was just fried chicken. – I meant, not a fried feast,
it was a Southern feast. – I like fried chicken,
but I don’t like that much. – So we had fried chicken,
we had brussel sprouts, and mashed potatoes. It was just wonderful. – Cheers guys. That was so fun. (clinking wine glasses) Well guys, we’ll see you next time. Make sure to subscribe. And they’ll be back, you’ll see ’em again. Cheers. – Patio Pounders. (lighthearted guitar music)

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