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Hello everybody and welcome back to Fairgrounds
TV. I’m your host Peter Moeller of Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits is lovely Danbury, Connecticut.
And tonight we’re going to taste the new Dogfish beer. It’s called Ta Henket. It is a beer
brewed using a recipe found on the wall of an ancient Egyptian tomb. It is made of some
strange ingredients. We have some chammomile which they use to make tea and stuff like
that, a spice. Za’atar, which is a mix of spices and also doum fuit which appaently
is a pomme fruit that is supposed to taste like ginger or gingebread, rather, i should
say. The cool thing about this is that Sam and the crew at Dogfish Head actually went
to Egypt and harvested wild yeast to brew the beer. It’s got decent carbonation. It’s
a little light. It’s a pale orange you can kind of see it, it’s not very colorful. Let’s
give it a sniff. Uh, interesting. It kinda smells like a dirty piece of orange. I’m assuming
it’s that doum fruit. Maybe some funky spices, not sure. Um, the mixture of the spices, the
Za’atar has oregano in it, I believe, and it kinda smells like it. Definitely some oregano.
That’s the craziest thing that I’ve ever had. Those spices. The Za’atar mixture is what
I believe to be some oregano and some time and it think some sort of basil kind of smelling
herb but this is like if you took that italian spice grinder that you have for spreading
some herbs on chicken and stuff, that’s what this tastes like. It definitely tastes like
oregano, I mean, I think Dogfish Head fell a little short. I mean, it’s very interesting
and he’s pushing the limits of beer and it’s really hard to figure out what kind of product
you’re going to get out but this literally tastes like maybe a heftier coors light or
bud light with maybe some oregano put in and sifted out and then carbonated and given to
you. This is very intriguing. It’s four and a half percent, it’s not going to kick your
butt. Something interesting to try if you’re having a beer tasting at your house. Give
it to some people and don’t tell them that there’s oregano in it and just see if they
can figure it out. With that being said, its at the store. There’s a couple bottles left,
there’s not much left, it was a limited release that they did last year and they did it again
this year for the holiday season. With that, enjoy your New Year’s Eve. We have plenty
of champagne, check out our champagne video of the gruet blanc de noirs. Check it out,
that’s my new picks for new year’s eve. We will see you soon. I think I will pass on
this one while I’m making the video, but Sam hell of a job on a very strange and unique
beer. Cheers.

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