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Hi my name is Chi. My name is Edward
and you are watching Zygostatics labs. ln this series we’re going to be assessing, scientifically different popular health and fitness based
products and accessories. So that you can make informed decisions, when deciding if
you need to buy these. So if you haven’t already subscribed make sure you hit
that subscribe button and turn on your post notifications. So that you never
miss a thing. So you’re probably seen on a lot of social media platforms such as
Instagram, Facebook and YouTube that a lot of people want to gain weight and
this is a hot topic. If you are one of those people then you’ve definitely
heard of Apetamin. So Apetamin is a first-generation antihistamine and it’s
an off-label drug, that a lot of people are using now to try and gain weight. So
we’re just going to get straight to the point here, we’ve already looked at the
science and the research behind the Apetamin. It’s been researched for
decades in relation to its appetite stimulating activity and we can
confidently say that it most likely does cause weight gain. However this does not
mean that you need the Apetamin to achieve your weight gain targets. For
example, Chi achieved a great weight gain transformation without the use of
any supplements and tablets. So what we want you guys to do is watch this video
and have an objective look into why we don’t recommend the product. Now the first thing we’re going to talk about is false marketing. The reason why Edward and I
are not happy is because a lot of the people you look up to, talking about
Apetamin, are not telling you that they’re actually affiliated with
suppliers and on the side they are getting paid for these reviews and fake reviews
because they haven’t used it. If they had used it, I’m telling you, the results
would not have been the same. Yes, we’re not saying that Apetamin doesn’t work.
Obviously, clearly we have already just confirmed that it does cause weight gain. However it’s not gonna cause selective weight gain, you’re not gonna just end up
with all of the fat going straight to your thighs, your hips and your
glutes. What is gonna end up happening, is you’re gonna get
generalised weight gain. So what we can see is, if you look on Instagram and just hashtag Apetamin. You are going to see lots of different transformation picture. That look really amazing and if you look in the descriptions you’re always going to see
an affiliate link. So have a look there and see if anyone is selling Apetamin in the description. And if they are, most likely the pictures
that you are seeing on that post are not actually of people who have used
the product. It’s just taken off of the Internet. We could easily smack a picture
or Chi right here and say “Apetamin transformation” and we can end up getting
you guys to buy the product and we can end up making money to do that. So the
second reason why we don’t recommend Apetamin is because of the fact that is
illegal. As a pharmacist, I can’t recommend it to you obviously. The product is illegal and what that means is it’s not actually regulated by the FDA, if you are
based in America; the MHRA if you are based in the UK and I think in Canada it is also
illegal. And that’s a problem because we all know fake medicines exist and even
with drugs that are regulated by these organisations, you still get fakes
creeping in through the market. So now you’ve got a big rush of people trying to buy a product that is not actually licensed. You’re gonna have
lots of manufacturers based in Asia or China we don’t even know where these
manufacturers are. It could even be someone just like me and they are
obviously going to try and capitalise on this and they’re gonna try and sell you
dodgy medicines. I think when you’re actually gonna buy something to use and
take it yourself, I think that’s a problem. You’ve got to be careful to
scrutinise all of these things so that you don’t actually cause any ill health
on yourself. If it’s something like a fake electronic item, like a fake iphone
or fake clothes. You just deal with the poor quality, you throw it away if it doesn’t
work. Fake clothes? Yes, you like you’ve got these fake you know,
Gucci clothes and stuff like that. You can even wear it and look stupid or you can just dash
it but when you’re dealing with fake medicines they can actually affect your
health. We’re gonna put lots of links in the description box so you
can read about times where fake medicines have caused people to die
in the worst cases of scenarios. So let’s talk about pricing, on average you’ll
find an Apetamin bottle goes for $25 now it can be a little bit more depending on
where you live but for now let’s stick to $25. What they recommend, we have researched this. They recommend a short course for 8 weeks in order for you to
gain a lot more weight or for you to see better results. Now imagine 25 dollars for one bottle for one week, that’s $200 for 8 weeks. So I think you’re losing twice here because you’re paying $200 to eat more
food because you need an appetite and then you have to buy more food to
satisfy your appetite. Think about being efficient with short courses. I have known people that have messaged us, or who have messaged us on Instagram and they’ve been taking Apetamin for a whole year. Like a whole
year! What they’re always messaging us about is how to actually shift the
extra belly fat and lower back fat that they’ve gained in the process. I
think that’s just such an inefficient process because time is money and money
is time, remember that. So if you are going to invest double the money to gain
weight and then you’re gonna have to do a cut at the end, that’s going to be
quite extensive to actually get rid of the belly fat, you’ve wasted your money
and your time and your energy and resources. So what we think is always
better to do, is just to understand simple exercise physiology and simple
nutrition science. So that you can better control your resources and actually
achieve the weight gain that is controlled. So you know exactly how much weight you
should be gaining. Yes, so in that domain, pricing of Apetamin is literally unacceptable. You can buy a hundred bottles of olive oil and it
still wouldn’t be as expensive as the 8 week course. I’m not sure its 100 actually, you are right. Yes, I think it’s about a 100. I mean guys let’s just be efficient here, I got my results without Apetamin. I really doubt that you need it
but you know, if you’re that rich then you know go ahead but you will still end
up with fat distribution everywhere. Exactly and if we had to look at it
this way as well, extra-virgin olive oil has actually got lots of health benefits
that come with its consumption. Whereas Apetamin is going to result in a
lot of side effects because remember it’s actually an
antihistamine. So you’re gonna get side effects such as sedation and drowsiness
when you’re taking the product. It’s also an antimuscarinic agent and that basically
means it’s going to block your parasympathetic nervous system. So you are going to end up with symptoms such as, dry eyes dry mouth; dry throat. You can end up with
heart symptoms, maybe tachycardias, arithmias. You can end up with bladder
symptoms such as urinary retention. You can end up with obviously, constipation because your digestive system is not gonna work very well.
Even though all of these side effects aren’t that major and life-threatening,
is it worth all of these side effects when you could actually be doing this
safer. It can also affect your mood as well because it’s also an antiserotonergic drug so that means if you are diagnosed with depression and you take medicines for your depression, It can actually reduce the effectiveness of
these drugs. So again what we recommend is definitely going to see your doctor
before deciding yourself, that you need to take this product. So now the last
thing we’re going to talk about is differential diagnosis and I think this
is one of the most important things you guys need to take away from this video.
If you have a poor appetite there’s actually a lot of different issues that
could actually be the underlying cause of your lack of appetite. Using Apetamin is just gonna mask all of these underlying factors that might be at play.
For instance, if you are based in Africa or you’re someone who has not been feeling well for a while, you should check to see if you don’t have
any thread worm or tapeworm infections. These are parasites, if you don’t
already know what they are, they’re parasites that live in your intestines
and your colon and what they basically do is they feed off of the nutrition
that you feed yourself with. I know that sounds weird, sorry about that. They feed off the nutrition you basically provide them and that reduces the absorption of certain
nutrients and because of that you can actually end up losing weight or appear
anorexic or struggle to gain weight. If you don’t actually diagnose these obviously, they’re gonna persist and they can actually grow to be like super super
long. Let that scare you, do double-check if you actually
have an infection. They’re not hard to get rid of, you normally take one tablet
of Mebendazole or a different anti-parasitic agent and it will clear
the infection but you should definitely check that something else is not
at play first before you then decided to take Apetamin. After that learn how to manage your diet and check your actual food habits are on
point. Such as maybe you are eating three meals a day, if you’re not managing to eat
three meals a day ask yourself why. You can even eat four meals a day if you
want to increase your weight and that’s the right way to do it and that’s the
way we have both gained weight in healthy ways. I also wanted to say that if you
find it hard to eat a meal, lets say three meals is too much. Then I would
definitely recommend natural based protein shakes, I used to take a lot of
them because I just couldn’t maintain eating that much food. So I
use to also put extra virgin olive oil in my shakes and it helped to increase
the calories I needed to take to gain weight. I really do believe you guys
can do it without Apetamin. If this hasn’t convinced you, then I don’t know what
else will. I think they need to watch your videos Chi. Obviously, at the moment we’ve both lost weight, we’ve lost a lot of weight.
So we’re gonna be doing another gaining phase and when we do that weight gain,
you don’t want to see how we look, after that we’re gonna be crazy good. So then we will actually show you guys exactly what we’re doing to get there. This
month we’re going to be doing Diet IQ videos and meal plan videos. Yes, these
videos are gonna allow you to understand the actual basics of
nutrition science. So that you can actually apply this to your life and
get amazing weight gain transformations and actually get
the results you want. A lot of the people that are promoting these products, again
we’re gonna tell you straight away, they have done plastic surgery. Let’s conclude like this, the only way I would ever recommend Apetamin in any situation and I would have to be maybe, someone would have to be forcing me to recommend this but it would actually
work. It’s if you are in line to have a fat transfer operation from a plastic
surgeon and you need to gain a particular amount of fat so that they
can actually transfer this into obviously your lower parts of your body. If you
were taking Apetamin in that period of time to help you gain weight, so that
you could actually meet a certain target. It doesn’t matter if the weight is
gained all on your stomach, they are gonna get rid of it anyway. That’s the only way it would make sense and with that point in place. Just double
check when you are looking at some of these Youtubers that are recommending
that you take Apetamin and they are showing you the pictures of their weight
gain transformations. Are you sure they haven’t had plastic surgery?
That’s the last thing I wanted to leave you with. That was a bombshell. We aren’t talking about anyone in particular, but have a look.


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Dec 12, 2018, 11:59 pm Reply

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