Do You Crave Or Really Enjoy Sugar, Soda Drinks, Candy, Chocolate, Ice Cream? Do THIS Stop Cravings!

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Greetings, Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. I just did a video, and we talked about … what
did we talk about? If you really enjoy bread, potatoes, chippies,
potato chips, french fries, and things like that, now we’re going to talk about the other
one. Do you really crave and enjoy sugar, soda
drinks, candy, chocolate, ice cream? What do you do? Sugar’s very addictive. It’s very addictive for so many people. It’s like a drug, okay? It affects the brain profoundly. It puts people on a high. It’s very, very addictive. They put it in so many different foods. I’ve even been told that sugar’s put in toilet
paper. Not that people eat it, but it has something
to do with the pliability of the toilet paper. A long time ago around 1900, sugar was extremely
expensive, so people, only the elite people, could really afford refined sugar. People ate honey, small amounts of honey. They didn’t really have sugar back then. Now people eat up to twice their body weight
per year in sugar because it’s so cheap. We’ve also seen an explosion in obesity as
a result. I started to notice issues with sugar with
people a long, long time ago when I started to go into practice. I noticed that people loved really sweet things,
and I started to really understand why people wanted these sweet things. Often, it occurs through balances in diet
and lifestyle, and it can be easily corrected. It’s very important you watch this video right
through to the end if you want to get all the information. Many people skip my video and they fly up,
or they’ll say, “Oh, go to minute 4.12 for the information,” but don’t do that. Watch all this, because this is an important
video for people who crave sweet stuff, okay? Let’s talk about a few things that really
cause blood sugar imbalances to start with. Once you’ve been eating sugar for a while,
of course, it affects your blood sugar. Your blood sugar goes up, and then the pancreas
produces a hormone called insulin to bring it down. Oftentimes, it’ll bring it down too fast. It’ll plummet that blood sugar, and that will
set you up again for another fix with sugar down the track. It could be an hour, or two hours, or it could
be four hours later. You want more sweet stuff. Basically, you’re on a roller coaster. It’s a little bit like a patient I had several
years ago who was a thrill seeker, and he would go on all these roller coaster rides
and stuff like that, and that wasn’t enough. Then he started to do bungee jumping, and
then he stared to jump out of airplanes, and that wasn’t enough. Then he started to get into base jumping,
and eventually he got into wearing those wing suits and flying around mountains and stuff
like that. He said to me, “Eric, the only time I feel
alive is when I’m really at a high,” and I thought, “Wow, this is exactly like many people
with blood sugar issues. The only time they feel really good is when
they have that cookie in their mouth, or their Mars Bar, or their big sundae full of sugar.” You have a look at a lot of people walking
around in the shopping malls, and they’ve got a big smile on their face because they’ve
got a big double ice cream, two scoops of ice cream. That’s when they feel really alive. They get a spike out of it. It’s almost like they’ve had three shots of
whiskey or vodka, they just feel empowered because of that sugar. So sugar has a very stimulatory effect on
the brain. It gives you a rush. Once you’ve had that rush, you want to go
back to it again. It’s a bit like ice or methamphetamine, isn’t
it? Once you get the hit, you want to go back
for the hit, and back for the hit. Don’t be fooled, sugar is super addictive. Once you like sugar and you keep going back
to it, you’ll keep wanting it more, and more, and more. As a result, it will end up destroying the
blood sugar regulatory mechanism. You’ll plunge yourself into diabetes, heart
disease, and all of the problems that having such a low pH brings to the body; yeast infections
and eventually cancer, because many people with cancer, when I have look at them, they
have sugar cravings, sugar addictions. Artificial sugars have been shown to actually
stimulate sugar addiction further, so don’t touch artificial sweeteners. Try and keep off them all together, okay? Now, the other issue that we need to talk
about is stress, how stress induces cortisol to go up, and cortisol then liberates … okay,
stored sugar, so it pushes sugar into the blood steam, and pushes it right up. That stimulates heart disease and a whole
lot of other processes. Again, we’re going to get blood sugar dysregulation. You get more insulin production, and then
the blood sugar crashes, so people under high stress often crave sweet stuff as well. I’ve spoken about this in a previous video. I talked about the salt cravings of stress. The two big things people crave under stress
are sugar and salt, and the third component is fat, because fat is where the body also
can produce energy from. Now, I’ve said all that. Have a think about this. Next time you go into McDonald’s, what are
the key things they like to sell to you? Sugar, salt, and fat, okay? When you go to Kentucky Fried Chicken, sugar,
salt, and fat. When you go to Domino’s Pizza, sugar, salt,
and fat. All of these takeout joints all focus on sugar,
salt, and fat. Now, they’ve put the red coloration up. I’ve got red here, and I was going to show
you red, because red is a color that I like to use, because it stimulates people too. So anytime you see red, bright red, and sugar,
salt, and fat, it’s usually a takeaway place. Now you understand why they make so much money. They make money out of stress, because a lot
of people who eat at these joints are stressed out, and they get their fix. Stress, unfortunately, is a big issue with
so many people, and that pushes people also into being stressed out; so stressed out they
can’t cook properly. They just keep going back to these takeout
joints. What the hell do you do if you’ve got a craving
for all of this sweet kind of stuff? Well, after you’ve watched this video, you
might identify that you may suffer from a lot of stress, and those are the core things
that need fixing up in your life, the things that cause you stress.You need to spend more
time planning your meals, shopping for good food, cooking whole foods, proper foods, going
to farmers markets, or buying real vegetables, okay? Not embalmed vegetables cooked in deep fried
junk, all right? A solid breakfast in the morning, in my opinion,
is one of the key things. Having a good breakfast with high protein. Now, many people say, “Eric, I don’t know
what to eat for breakfast. It’s the hardest thing of the day.” If you don’t feel like eating at 7:00 or 8:00
when you get up, then don’t. Eat a little bit later, like 9:00 or 10:00. That’s okay by me too, but that first meal
needs to be a good meal, a solid meal.Hopefully you’re going to eat something like … If it’s cold, you may want to eat rolled oats
with some fruit on top of that. Otherwise, you can eat a prepared breakfast. Now, that could be something like eggs, for
example. Turkey bacon, a lot of people in America eat
turkey bacon. Half an avocado. Usually on the weekends, what [Tracy] and
I will have, I’ll make a nice breakfast for her, since we’ve got time. It’ll be half an avocado, it’ll be steamed
spinach, half a tomato, a piece of bacon, and it’ll be a couple of eggs. It’ll also be some sauteed mushrooms, which
Tracy really likes. It’s quite a large plate full of all that
food, and usually that’s the main meal we have around 8:00, 9:00, and then I usually
skip lunch. I don’t eat lunch, then I’ll have a dinner
around 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. I’ll often eat like that on the weekends. Why eat three meals a day when you can have
a nice big one, and then a smaller one later on? Having that breakfast is critical for setting
you up for the day. So very important that you eat a good meal
to start with, okay? Plan your meals in advance. Many people who grab cookies, or cakes, or
donuts, don’t really think ahead about meal planning. It’s just everything’s ad hoc and random. They just think, “Oh, I’m hungry now. Oh, here’s a Dunkin’ Donut there, let’s eat
that now, so that could be my lunch.” Plan ahead. Always think if you’re traveling somewhere,
“Where can I eat something good that contains good protein?” for example, that’s going to
fill you up. It’s going to create satiety. It’s going to stop you from wanting something
sweet by planning ahead. It’s like financial planning, always plan
ahead. When you retire, will you have enough money
to retire on? Okay. Dehydration. Having plenty of water in your body is very,
very important to stop sugar cravings. Having enough water allows fiber to work properly,
so if you’re eating sufficient vegetables and fruits, for example … excuse me … high
fiber ones, and you’ve got enough water, that slows down the release of how food moves slowly
through the digestive system, and it downplays cravings for sweet foods. So just by drinking four to five glasses of
water regularly per day can cut down on sugar cravings remarkably. Now, when it comes to sweets, I prefer honey. I’m a beekeeper. I mean, I love honey. A small amount of honey is what I have with
my coffee, for example. I have a nice espresso coffee, I put a teaspoon
of honey in that. I find that really, really acceptable. When I have my rolled oats in the morning
and I put some berries on that, I put honey on top of that. Now, honey does contain sugar, but it’s a
different kind of sugar than you’re going to get out of a sugar bowl, but be careful,
because honey can also be highly addictive. You’re not going to be having honey on lots
and lots of foods, believe me. Honey you get so sick of, because it’s so
sweet. It’s almost as sweet as some artificial sugars
that you soon work out you can only have certain amounts per day. It’s not a fake sugar. It’s a very complex sugar with many different
types of sugars in it, whereas if you have white sugar, refined sugar, it’s fake, okay? It has instant burn in the body, and it makes
you want more and more. You keep coming back for more and more of
it all the time. Now, the last tip I’ll leave you is we’ve
already talked about eating good food, is to look at bitter and sour foods in the diet. The principle things people like to eat are
sweet things, sour things, and bitter things, and salty things, all right? When you predominantly eat sugary foods and
love them, you don’t really like a lot of other stuff, so your whole life revolves around
sweet kind of things, but when you start including more bitter in your body which opposes the
sugar, you’ll find that slowly you’ll back out of that sugar corner, and you’ll get more
into the bitter corner. The bitter foods are what you want, because
they improve the gut, they improve digestion, they discourage candida and SIBO, they stop
you getting gallbladder problems and pancreatic and stomach dysfunction. Bitter is your friend. Sugar is your enemy. Remember that when it comes to the gut. That’s it. I hope you got some good information out of
this video. Thanks for the question.

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