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Welcome Back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse DIY wine bottle design using stencils. Let’s get started! Hi my crafty fam and if you’re new to my channel,
welcome! To start, make sure to have a nice clean bottle
to work with. As you see, I’m working with a rather slim
one today, unlike the ones I usually work with. I purposely choose this one because I thought
it’d go best with the design I had in mind. It’s important for you to know that using
this size bottle caused me to struggle when using the stencil. It’s not impossible, but it is more work. I’m stubborn and when I have a vision, I
have to execute it exactly how I see it. So I don’t mind putting in all the extra
work to get it there but make sure you keep that in mind when choosing your bottle. Before I started, I had seen somewhere that
you can use a temporary adhesive to help with stenciling. Instead of doing some more research I went
and grabbed my spray glue, you know, the one I used on my cat women bottle, the one that
had me start countless hours of work over again, the one that had me looking like this. LoL! Yes, this one right here! Well so much for second chances It helped with the stenciling but it left
a slight residue on the bottle and I couldn’t get it off the stencil. I didn’t appreciate either or so back in
the drawer it went. That glue has become my crafting nemesis LOL! But in all seriousness, all I had to do was
take a few seconds to do some research and I would have found which spray adhesives worked
best for stenciling. So if you’re interested in using one, which
you should because it will make it easier, find one that is made for this particular
purpose. I cleaned it off as best I could and continued. Let’s start laying out the design, I used
this particular design throughout most of the bottle. Place the stencil on the area of the bottle
you’d like the design. Dip a dry pouncer brush into the paint. Make sure to dab off any excess paint as you’ll
soon see what happens if you load the brush too much. Dab the paint over the design using a lit
hand. You don’t want to push the paint to go under
the stencil. Once you’re done, carefully remove the stencil. As you see, I used way too much paint and
it seeped through the stencil. I also needed to pounce a little lighter. I wiped it off and started over again. This time I get a much nicer stamp and decide
that that’s as good as I’m going to get it. I was going to go over it with a brush and
more paint anyways. I figured I could just fix it as I go. This next step is only necessary because I
used a very slim bottle and the stencil couldn’t lay flat onto it making it hard to get a perfect
stamp. I chose to do it this way for two reasons. My mom had just did the cutest stenciling
in her bathroom and I remembered I had some that would be perfect for executing my idea! I could’ve done this other ways but those
of you that know me, know I don’t like having to buy supplies if I already have something
I can work with. What I’m doing here is using a fine paintbrush
and the paint to fill in and correct any lines that didn’t connect properly. This is serving two purposes. It’s cleaning it up while I’m adding a
second layer of paint to give it a fuller look. If you’re going to do this step. Take your time. This is very detailed work and requires patience
and precision As I fill this in here are some tips on how
you can avoid having to take this extra step. First, would be the adding of an adhesive
as I had mentioned earlier. Just make sure to get one that’s made specifically
for stencils. So you don’t ruin yours. Make sure to use a pouncer brush or a paint
dauber which is similar to a pouncer brush, just more firm, to apply the paint. Never add water to your sponge before stenciling. Use the dry brush technique. Which is loading the paint directly onto a
dry brush, in this case, a dry pouncer brush. Only add a little bit of paint to the brush
and dab the excess off before stamping. Speaking of stamping, that’s another way
to get the image you want onto the bottle. Another way to get a nice image would be to
use a stencil made from clay. You could DIY your own stencil and it would
easily lay on the bottle. If I’m not mistaken, I believe they also sell
silicone stencils that would also lay perfectly onto a round surface but I’m not sure. You could also make your own stencil using
contact paper which would also help with the curves of the bottle. Lastly, if you’re one of those crafters
fortunate enough to have a Cricut machine, first off, I’m so jealous lol I’m kidding,
of course, that’s awesome! Good on you and for those crafters living
under a rock, the Cricut is only the bee’s knees of crafting equipment! It’s an amazing, versatile machine that
does pretty much anything, including making custom vinyl stencils that would make this
project a breeze. I’m sure there are plenty more ways to achieve
a cleaner image with stencils. If you know of some more, please feel free
to share your crafty tips with us all in the comment section below. We’d love to hear how. Once I was done filling it in, I set it in
front of a fan to dry. Once I knew it was completely dry, using a
toothpick, I carefully scraped off any of the excess paint. This is what’s going to take your design
to the next level. Paying attention to small details is what
will set your bottle design out apart from the rest. I used a dry paintbrush to brush away the
excess. Make sure to keep your bottle as clean as
you can throughout the entire process. This is what it should look like when you’re
done. Now I’m going to do the exact same thing
to the other side of the bottle. Once I did that I added two more of the same
design to the sides but I turned the image upside down. Now it was time to figure out how much space
I had for the verse. Once I knew where I wanted it, I started to
prep to place my guide. Okay, so, there are two reason for this next
step. First, as I mentioned before, I don’t own
a Cricut machine and secondly, although I was blessed artistically, I can assure you
I wasn’t when it comes to my penmanship. I did attempt it and hated it lol. I almost gave up but one of you crafty queens
blessed me with a beautiful motivating comment and I found a way to get it done because there
was no way I could do the next step free handed. If you have nice handwriting, you can skip
this next step completely, although it’s a pretty neat trick to learn. I learned this neat trick from another YouTuber. The only thing I did differently was not using
a clear seal. Link to that video will be in the description
box below. I took a sheet of labels and peeled them all
off. I also peeled off all the edges until I was
left with the shiny backing. That’s what we need. My label sheet had a fold in the middle, so
I separated them and only used one side. I placed it onto the middle of a piece of
printer paper and taped the edges down. You want to make sure the tape is completely
stuck down so it doesn’t get caught in the printer. The idea is that the image prints onto the
nonporous paper and therefore the ink will be able to be transferable. Place the paper into the printer, but before
printing it out, don’t forget to set your image to print horizontal or in some cases,
it might say mirror image. Once it’s printed, do not touch the image! I decided to just cut around it to make it
easier to apply to the bottle. Separate the label backing from the printer
paper. Now it’s ready to be transferred onto the
bottle This next part is one of those try it until
you get the hang of it type of things. But I’ll try my best to explain. When you know where you want it, place it
down. Once it’s down, hold it still with one hand
and make sure the entire image is transferred by pressing it down. Remove the label in an upward motion and that
should do it. Using a calligraphy pen and Gold ink I went
over it the best I could making sure I didn’t touch the transfer with my hand. Whenever I messed up I had to start all over
again from the image transfer step. Video link to why I used a calligraphy pen
down below. I’m going to tell you right now that it
took me several attempts before getting it right but I wasn’t giving up! I would clean the bottle with a cotton pad
and a little bit of alcohol and start over again. Once I finally got it right I let it dry and
gently went over it again using a toothpick dipped in the ink instead of the pen. I felt the toothpick was safer and wouldn’t
scratch the existing ink. It would allow me to give it another layer
without making complete contact with the existing ink. Like I said I was afraid to go over it again
with the calligraphy pen because I didn’t want to scratch off the existing ink and I
didn’t want to create different lines as it was my first time using it. I just didn’t want to risk ruining it so I
used the toothpick. This was extremely tedious but I really didn’t
know of any other way to accomplish what I wanted. Again, feel free to share any tips, tricks
or trades with the rest of use if you do. Either way, I’m excited I was able to achieve
my goal and that’s all that matters! From here on out, it was easy peezy, well
in the sense that I was back to adding the rest of the design with the stencil, which
I was comfortable with. It was still time-consuming but I was back
in my element. There’s no need to repeat the steps for
the stenciling, so enjoy this quick montage of where I placed all the rest of the designs
and I’ll be back to show you the finale touches! Okay, my crafty fam it’s almost done, If you’ve
watched the entire video up to it this point, thank you!! High Five! It’s viewers like you that help this channel
grow! Don’t forget to smash that like button to
let me know you want more videos! Once the entire design was done I painted
the rim of the bottle and let that dry. Once that was dried I scraped off anywhere
in the design that had dots. Clean off all the excess paint and make sure
the bottle is completely clean. Seal it with your favorite sealer and let
that dry. And now for my favorite part! Adding the bling! You’ll just don’t understand how hard I
had to refrain myself from adding glitter to this bottle so I was extremely excited
to get to this part. Using a cap for the nail polish, because I
didn’t have any E6000 glue on hand, clear rhinestones sizes 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm, the Crystal
Katana to pick up the rhinestones, some clear nail polish and a toothpick, I started placing
the rhinestones. Place some nail polish on the cap so it doesn’t
dry out. Use the toothpick to place a tiny amount of
the polish onto the spot you’ll be placing the rhinestone, place the rhinestone and decorate
till your heart’s content Lastly, to give it that final touch, I added
this cute solar cork that has a string of fairy lights attached to it, and now it’s
complete. I haven’t been able to craft in almost a
year. That should be a crime lol but it was much
needed. I took that time and I strengthen my walk
with God. Throughout my hardships, this was one of the
verses I kept reciting over and over again. Around October, I had a huge creative spark
and I had envisioned that entire new intro you saw. I quickly wrote it down and put it away. The very next month, wouldn’t you know it,
I was able to set up a small crafting area. Soon after that, I had another vision, it
was of this very bottle. This bottle had been requested on one of my
live streams and it resonated with me. Thank you crafty queen Actsa for this wonderful
request! It was perfect for so many reasons and I couldn’t
be happier on how it turned out! I love it! I purposely kept it simple and classy with
this bottle. I wanted to create what I had envisioned and
I nailed it but now I’m ready to get my hands dirty and go ham with the glitter!! I hope you guy’s enjoyed it and as always. Have fun, be creative and make a mess!! Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, please don’t
forget to thumbs it up as it helps the growth of the channel and to show your support! If you’re new to my channel, I hope you
consider subscribing to get updates on future videos and remember, do it yourself there’s
no need to cry.


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