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Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse DIY Superman wine bottle craft. All the materials that I used for this DIY,
are listed in the description box below. This bottle was requested by Elizabeth. She wanted to make something special for her
daughter that had to do with the justice league. She said either Superman or Batman, well… I’m sorry to those batman lovers but I’m
a Superman fan myself as I grew up watching Superman with my father so Superman it was! I know I did the classic colors but you can
customize this any way you want. I just had to make the classic! Thanks for this fun request Elizabeth and
a happy belated 30th birthday to your daughter Jessica, a real hero, as she is a cancer survivor
and may God bless her with many more. Let’s get started! To begin, I painted a clean bottle with white
acrylic paint and a pouncer brush. I like to do this whenever I’m going to paint
a bottle because the white paint acts as a primer. The colors look better and take fewer coats
when you do this. While that dries, print out the logo at 50%
size. I found this one on Pinterest. I’ll leave the link in the description box
below. After printing it out, tape an index card,
stripes side down, over it using painters tape. We’re going to reprint it but this time
the image will be on the index card. I did the first image as a guide… to know
where to tape the index card too. I wanted the logo to stick out some, that’s
why I decided to print it onto the index card. You don’t have to do this if you don’t
want. You can just use the paper copy. Just remember that when you go to paint it,
it won’t be as sturdy as the index card so you’ll have to do all the painting once
it’s glued onto the bottle. Once it’s printed, gently remove the tape. Now you can cut the logo out. Using metallic red paint, I painted the S
in the logo and let that dry. I then painted the rest with a yellow I mixed
up and set that aside to dry. Using a sharpie I outlined the whole thing. Be gentle when doing this part. The harder you press the wider the line will
be. You want to use the tip of the marker only. Using a metallic blue and a pouncer brush,
I painted the whole bottle. Later on, you’ll see me change my mind and
add yellow to the rim so don’t paint it blue all the way up. I used the same metallic red I used for the
logo, on the cap. Now it’s time for my favorite part, adding
the glitter! These are the same glitter paints I showed
you guys in the other video and let me tell you… when you use the metallic paints and
these glitter paints together… you get an amazing shine! Remember that you can give them as many layers
of glitter as you want. You just have to let it dry before giving
it another one. I layered mine until I was satisfied. I’m obsessed with these paints now! Look at that combination! Now it’s the messy part. I cut up an old cotton shirt I no longer wanted
and used that to make the cape. I put some water in a bowl and added Mod Podge
to it. I didn’t measure, I just scooped some in
my hands and mixed it into the water. Saturate the piece of fabric with the water
and glue mixer. Then ring it out. I then added Mod Podge directly onto it and
rung out a little bit of it. So it won’t drip as I worked with it. Here I’m rolling one side to create the
top of the cape and from here on I was in my zone again, crafting away. I was just moving, adjusting and lifting the
cape to get it to look how I wanted it to. If a part wouldn’t stick… I would add Mod Podge to it, but remember
to smooth the mod podge out on the bottle or it’ll dry with a lump. You’ll see I used the logo to help me figure
out the spacing in the front of the cape. The trick is to create lifted areas, you don’t
want the fabric to lay flat. I kept adding Mod Podge to areas I thought
didn’t feel tacky enough or needed it to stay down. Be careful when doing this that you don’t
handle the bottle with your gluey hands… If you noticed, every time I turned the bottle
I was doing it from the very top. I had taken the cap off and handled it with
the glass rim that had no paint on it. Once it’s dry it should look like this. It’s very firm to the touch. Give the whole cape a coat of white acrylic
paint and let that dry. Be careful around the parts that meet the
bottle. It’s okay if you get paint on it, just try
your best not to. Now using the same metallic red as you did
for the cap and logo, paint the cape and let that dry. Again, being as careful as you can when painting
the edges that meet with the bottle. Once that’s all dry, take a small brush
and touch up any spots with the metallic blue. Give it as many coats as it needs, to cover
the spots you messed up on and let that dry. Be very careful, you don’t want to get the
blue onto the red. Make sure to work the paint out as you don’t
want it to dry with a lump. Now add the glitter paint back on as well. This is where I decided I wanted yellow on
the rim. As you see I went ahead and primed it with
the white paint. Now It was time to add the red glitter paint
to the cape and the cap. I know in the other video I said I didn’t
like the red but this was another glitter made by the same company and it worked way
better. Still not a huge fan of the red but much better. I added the yellow mix I used for the logo
onto the rim. Now to add the logo to the bottle. Place some Mod Podge on the bottle where you
want the logo, place the logo and go over it with more Mod Podge. Make sure to get those edges and that you
spread the glue around evenly, again you don’t want it to dry with lumps. Add the red glitter paint where the metallic
red is. Then add the yellow glitter. Don’t forget to add the yellow glitter to
the rim. Give it as many layers as you want, letting
dry between each one. Once all that is done, screw the cap back
on and you’re done. And here it is guys! All done! I wanted to keep this one simple and classic
but you know I had to add the sparkle to make it stand out. You can make any custom bottle the same way
using any character and colors you want. As I always say, the sky the limit. Be creative and try adding your own twist
to things if you want a different look. If you want to make a more simple bottle,
you can get a laser print out of the character and glue that on instead. Either way, have fun with it and be creative. I had so much fun making this one and it brought
back some wonderful childhood memories I had with my father. I make these so that you can recreate them
or get inspired by them. To give you ideas, so that you can apply them
to other projects. Have fun and as always guys if you liked my
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